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LOVE HQ update: 2a Charing Cross Road, case ADJOURNED to 9th Feb – by Dan Ashman



BREAKING ~~ the hearing this morning at the Royal Courts of Justice concerning the Possession Order for 2a Charing Cross Road on behalf of Greencap has been ADJOURNED until 9th February 2015

~ by Dan Ashman.

The Love Activists action continues outside the former Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) building. A building that is registered in a Tax Haven and has been empty for two years. When it was squatted with the expressed objective of feeding those in need and providing shelter and a community space over Christmas, the high court judge ruled that the Love Activists could stay until Dec 29th. However, police and security ignored the high court order and after a Christmas eve eviction, they prevented re-entry by the public back into the building – thus violating the high court order (political partial policing).

The Love Activists were undaunted and set up a free shop and food distribution demonstration opposite the building that has seemingly been asset-stripped from the largely publicly-owned RBS (public ownership due to a taxpayer bailout to the tune of 46 billion pounds). I tell you now – it seems they don’t want the public knowing too much about the shady dealings going on around this building.

There are over 1.5 million empty properties in the UK, so claims of a housing crisis do not ring true. Rather, there is a greed crisis. Too many wish to get rich quick through the claim of ownership. As a result the younger generation is getting screwed over. Access to shelter and warmth is a necessity. Last year 7000 people were killed as a result of not being able to access heat. Rents continue to rise. Energy prices continue to be pushed up regardless of the fact oil prices have fallen. Homelessness continues to rise. The public must rise to meet this wilful harm that is being inflicted on our community by a very small minority.

Contributions of clothes and food have poured in at Love HQ. Just as quickly as these contributions have come in, they have been put to good use. Male clothing is going very fast. There are a lot of male homeless. Please keep the contributions coming. Meet the people, hear the stories.

People from all walks of life and experience continue to converge at the 24/7 Love Street, Homes not Banks assembly. Mutual aid + compassion + anger + determination = Power to Change.

Another interesting fact is the building was a homeless shelter in the 70’s.


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