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Another we knew has passed.

Another we knew has passed. Those of us who made a fuss in 2009-2014, the cost is high.

The sky is crying today for Joey who moved on to the next part of his journey last night. He was many things: recycling passion man, stalwart of so many festivals, road protests, peace camps and Occupy[…]

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OL General Assembly 5.4.14 – LIVESTREAM

60-80 people participated in this assembly on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral. Minutes to follow, livestream below.
Courtesy of the Occupylsx Bambuser channel you can view the GA even if you weren’t able to be there. The GA’s are livestreamed as often as Occupy can manage to[…]

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Occupy Revival, 2 years after OLSX eviction

At an Occupy Assembly on March 1st 2014, two years after the Occupy London Stock Exchange camp was evicted from the City of London, Occupy activists reclaimed the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral.
Joined by peace and environmental campaigners, anti-fracking protectors, union reps, individuals concerned about local and global injustices – and curious passers’-by –[…]

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Dont Stop Me Now, at OccupyLSX Camp 2012.

How about putting this video that I made with my students at Paul’s back up?
Has a weird resonance now.
See what you think.
I used the song Don’t Stop Me Now as a metaphor for the hedonistic, addictive consumerism of the credit card years and the rampaging greed and nihilism of the puppet state,[…]

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Protest Song – An Account of Occupy.

By John Sinha for Occupy London Media.
Protest Song is an account of the occupy movement as seen through the eyes of one of the long-term homeless residents of St. Paul’s during the months of the occupation there.
Through a monologue format, in which the audience itself forms a prop to Danny’s narrative, we are[…]

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It was two years ago today that a frustrated UK public stormed towards Paternoster Square, determined to Occupy the London Stock Exchange. The police acted to protect the City of London, and acted to remove thousands of protesters from the area. Giles Fraser, Canon of St Paul’s Cathedral offered sanctuary to the protesters[…]

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Where did Occupy go?
What happened to all your noise?
You started with cymbals, and songs and with speeches
and passionate statements and thousands of people.
Where did Occupy go? You speak like children…
Like Occupy came out of nothing and vanished before you;
Insubstantial as the shredded ripstock in municipal land fill.
You speak[…]

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Capitalism is Crisis

Another World is Possible and We Can Write it Together
The revolution won’t start until noon in the UK, part of a long-standing tradition regarding political activists and early mornings. So, to see a fairly concerted number of people gathering in a slightly chilled hall on a soggy Sunday morning, clutching paper cups of coffee[…]

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Piano in OccupyLSX Camp.

If you are ever around the City of London, you would have noticed a number of pianos placed for the amusement of the visitors and city denizens.
We do wonder where the idea originated?
Below, you will find footage of the music found in the OccupyLSX camp, especially the sing songs. Saxophone and Bagpipes were[…]

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