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Sarah Jewell and Songlines Choir. Dec. 2011

Sarah Jewell and Songlines Choir. Dec. 2011

Where did Occupy go?
What happened to all your noise?
You started with cymbals, and songs and with speeches
and passionate statements and thousands of people.
Where did Occupy go? You speak like children…
Like Occupy came out of nothing and vanished before you;
Insubstantial as the shredded ripstock in municipal land fill.
You speak Like we broke our promises.
Where did we go? I tell you the truth though you might not accept it because it doesnt fulfill your need for a miracle.
Here goes…
We went back to where we came from and where we belong.
In Schools and churches, grocers and fields,
Libraries, playgrounds, the dole.
We were always grass roots, local, the most humble
Of courtrooms, and family and friends.
Where did we go?
We went back to back to work.
Back to our lovers, if they would have us
That’s if they still wanted us, still recognized us
And if we still thought they deserved us!
Uplifted and empowered by the joy of like-mindedness
Bravery, bolshiness, Guinness.
Yes, we were more courageous than we’d ever been before,
and when it came to swallowing the bullshit we’d told ourselves, we gagged.
About compromise, we changed our tune, and most of us will never go back.
They said what do you want?
That was the hardest question of all to answer because the answer is so simple and so utterly impossible.
The truth is ‘We want to be happy’
‘Is that it? ‘
YES. Thats it.
Happy? When we are living in a state that accepts ‘completely fucked up’ as the norm?
Forget it.
When we went back they said we had changed and we had.
Where did we go if not with each other?
We went with the others …
We’re contagious.
‘We are canaries at the coal face’
We’re coming.

~Sarah Jewell.


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One Response to “WHERE DID OCCUPY GO?”

  1. Canaries at the Coal Face? That mean we are trying to wake humanity up to the HUGE need for a (r)evolution that will redistribute the wealth so that hundreds of thousands of kids don’t starve to death each day (for example?)


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