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The climate crisis is the defining issue of our times and will take centre-stage in world politics in 2015. Our economic system puts profits before people and is destroying the natural systems that keep us alive. It has brought us to the precipice of catastrophic climate change. Because the real solutions empower people and threaten corporate profits, real change can only come from outside that system. So we need a movement with the foresight to put the planet at the heart of its politics, and a climate campaign with the courage to get political.

On 28th March, three weeks after the national climate demonstration, we will be hosting a radical, participatory event called This Changes Everything. Inspired by Naomi Klein’s new book, the day will bring hundreds of people together in interactive workshops with leading campaigners and climate scientists to discuss:


– NAOMI KLEIN, campaigner & author, ‘Capitalism vs. the Climate: This Changes Everything – joining us via Skype
– RUSSELL BRAND, comedian, campaigner & author ‘Revolution’
– FRANCESCA MARTINEZ, comedian, campaigner & author, ‘What the **** is Normal!?’
– NATALIE BENNETT, leader, Green Party of England and Wales
– PAUL MASON, Economics Editor for Channel 4 News
– JOHN HILARY, War on Want
– KATE RAWORTH, renegade economist
– KATE PICKETT, author of the “Spirit Level” and epidiemologist
– RAOUL MARTINEZ, artist, author and documentalist
– ASAD REHMAN, Friends of the Earth
– NNIMMO BASSEY – leading Nigerian environmentalist, Environmental Rights Action
– NEIL FAULKNER, Brick Lane Debates
– GEORGE BARDA, Occupy Democracy
– Fuel Poverty Action Network
– Campaign against Climate Change
– Global Justice Now!
– Reclaim the Power
– The People’s Assembly Against Austerity
– New Economics Foundation
– Syriza
– Podemos
– Biofuel Watch
– One Million Climate Jobs
– Stop the War Coalition
– London Black Revs

This Changes Everything, initiated by an independent and growing network of young activists and campaign groups, aims to support the global movement against climate change by building bridges with social justice movements and the science that supports them. We want to raise awareness and participation, launching a wave of protest and direct action in the run up to December’s UN climate summit in Paris – and beyond.

We want to create an organisation that is sustainable, dynamic and truly democratic. One built on compassion, hope and humanity, with policies based on hard evidence.

We want justice for people and planet, and know that these ideals will be won together, or not at all.

The climate crisis is not only the greatest threat humanity has ever faced; it is also a historic opportunity. To quote Naomi:

“far from trumping other issues, climate change vindicates much of what the left has been demanding for decades. In fact, climate change turbo-charges our existing demands and gives them a basis in hard science. It calls on us to be bold, to get ambitious, to win this time because we really cannot afford any more losses. It enflames our vision of a better world with existential urgency.”

Twitter: @TCEuk

NAOMI KLEIN, campaigner & author, ‘Capitalism vs. the Climate: This Changes Everything – joining us via Skype.

CRISIS – climate change. The war on terror. Environmental melt down. The global recession. How are these crises linked? Has capitalism declared war on both people and planet?

VISION – there are so many alternatives out there. What kind of system could best ensure equality, dignity and democratic freedoms for all within the planet’s natural limits? How do we win the freedom to find out?

MOVEMENT – with our very survival under threat, inequality soaring and austerity failing, why aren’t governments taking action? Is it up to us to save the world?

Russell Brand.


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