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Xmas Street Kitchen with the Love Activists – by Norbert Lawrie



Xmas Street Kitchen with the Love Activists, by Norbert Lawrie

Good Morning Comrades and Friends All…

For me this Christmas has been the most amazing one ever experienced – I must say that, comrades.

To have participated in taking over and putting into use, albeit for a short time, the former bank on Charing Cross Road, has been an absolute pleasure and a memorable experience that will last me along with the many lessons learned for years to come. I am very grateful to all the Love Activists for allowing me to play a small part in their amazing campaign that has touched a raw nerve with the establishment (of that I’m in no doubt) and has won over (still growing) public opinion.

Since eviction on Christmas eve, the activists have not stood around or let up as they man a 24 hour picket across the road from this former bank whilst collecting and distributing food and clothing to the many street homeless who live out their lives on the streets of London’s West End.

In a short few hours spent with them yesterday, I saw and witnessed for myself a mountain of food and clothing being donated by the public, much of the clothing being new and very practical such as woolly hats, gloves and coats. Hot soup, tea and coffee being served and prepared on two new portable camping stoves which were bought from donations that have been made to the group, as for the former bank across the road, that was being decorated with home-made posters continuing to publicise all aspects of a massive housing crisis and the scandal of empty property particularly in this capital city.

I plan to visit the activists today and will be helping to man the picket for 48 hours and into the new year from Tuesday. The activists welcome all visitors, so if you have some time to spare, why not pop on down for a chat and a cuppa.


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