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Waiting for Bailiffs and TSG by Norbert Lawrie


Waiting for the Bailiffs and TSG

February 24th Update.
Most of the residents here in mega-rich Mayfair are well, as you would expect… The mega-rich, except of course, the occupying cure and crew here to relieve and if nothing else, exposing that disease which is really best described as excessive greed.

The Love Activists London and others who have travelled around together (squatting) in harmony for some time now, have taken their 13th and 14th building yesterday, all a part in exposing the many empty buildings that stand idly uninhabited in rich parts of London, bare of laughing and happy children at play, bare of families in the homes that provide the stability you would expect to find in a civilised and sane society.

This is no sane society and last night this was very much confirmed to me, when I counted 28 people sleeping rough just up the road from us and around Berkeley Square alone, a residence in Berkeley Square is highly sought after apparently, and residences do not come up on the market very often. The limited supply and great demand has created a market where a residence in Berkeley Square commands higher prices on the property market than similar residences in equivalently affluent neighbourhoods, any wonder then, that Mayfair is the top sought after location on the Monopoly Board originally produced by Waddingtons.

Conduit Street

We still await the bailiffs, the clock is ticking and the IPO comes into force at 3 pm this afternoon, they can come any-time after that but I think it could be early morning, as the bailiffs don’t work after 5 pm, we will see and I will keep you all updated as and when things start to take off.

Monday February 23rd 2015.
Another day one eviction delayed and one eviction pending

The start of another week brings with it and yet sadly more evictions pending in that old pipeline… But first lets start with some good news for a change, the appeal for resistance and active assistance that I made late last night in regard to a specified illegal eviction in Kilburn of Mother and her young boyson and where the local council failed and did not follow procedure, has been called off, thank the Gods for that. The council has deferred and postponed this abominable act until Friday.

This single Mother has been able to win four more days, not much I know, but a start has been made after discussions with both the council and bailiffs were held and breathing space won, albeit for a short time we can still prevent this eviction altogether, if enough of us turn up on Friday.

I will keep everyone posted on any developments in regard to this case, in the meantime a big thank you to everyone who bothered to turn up this morning and at very short notice.

Interim Possession Order Made Against Mayfair Occupation

The Love Activists London who have been actively occupying buildings in London’s West End since last year as a protest against rising homelessness and gentrification and who currently hold 11 Conduit Street in posh Mayfair, have been served or rather we are waiting to be served with an IPO, that will in effect give us 24 hours to obey the order or we may be arrested and on conviction sent to prison and/or fined. This follows a 15 minute court hearing this morning in the County Court at Central London, this order was made by a presiding officer who said that he could not deal with our arguments because they were political, even when he was reminded that the law he was implementing were also political that favoured one class, the rich as against the poor the working classes.

The last line of resistance will now be taken, we will put into action our fortifications, the barricades and the lock-down will start from when the 24 hours runs out, the line has been drawn in front of this building, and as I close this post a height court bailiff has served the IPO on us, we have until 3 pm tomorrow.

Another update later comrades.


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