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Happy New Year: wishing you a peaceful 2015



An Occupiers’ perspective on 2014…

2014, these have been very strange times. There have been glimmers of hope but, if we think of the era of enlightenment, then this surely is a time where it seems forces are conspiring to do the opposite. Highlights include….
The bankers have of course got away with murder again
The economic turmoil caused by bankers has caused the rise of the right across the globe and resurgent tribalism and fundamentalism
The two houses of the US are now republican/big business controlled
Big business blatantly talked about ‘placing’ them there
Big business got their claws deeper into policy making
Democracy was further eroded
We’ve seen right wing groups emerging all over Europe
UKIP have played on fears to win favour
Society has become less tolerant and less compassionate
Somehow it seems to have become cool to be callous
This government lies without shame or remorse
The deficit has gone up despite Osborne’s claims to the contrary
The NHS has been sold inspite of Cameron’s claims to the contrary
The Times is backing UKIP, very concerning…
The right wing press in general fueled more hate and division as usual
Laws were passed to prevent protest
Laws were passed to prevent people criticising politicians
The current crop of politicians are tried to cover up historical child abuse and murder
Presume they think “they’re plebs that don’t count”
Starbucks et al bragged about not paying tax
Austerity will cut deeper and will continue to cut deeper unless we get this government out.
They’re clearing the streets of homeless people, who’s next?
…and various “people” probably government interns regularly commented on this page in the same way they came to the steps of St Pauls, oh yes, we haven’t forgotten you…. the exuberant and eager to impress foot soldiers of the old model army…

These are strange times indeed…. Happy New Year and wishing you a peaceful 2015.


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