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Love HQ 2A Charing Cross Road. Homes not Banks.



Love HQ 2A Charing Cross Road. 26th Dec 2014. Homes not Banks by Norbert Lawrie
Part One

Good morning comrades and friends all…

Homes not Bank’s

This last week has been jam packed full of unforgettable activism for me comrades, and when at last I am able and manage to sit down and start to write up what may be my last update’s after nights of sleep deprivation, which is all part of the course, I do just wonder, where just do I start to tell you about this extraordinary occupation by a group of homeless people who are themselves equally extraordinary. In the main they are a group of young people (the core group) who took over the former Natwest bank at 2a Charing Cross Road now owned by suspected tax dodging and very dodgy Greencap Ltd, an integrated risk management and compliance company, whatever that means, however, what I’m not in any doubt of, is that this company is very well connected in the higher and upper echelons of the business and political world and they used their connections very well on Christmas Eve to throw out by force a peaceful occupation and an attempt to help the many homeless people that sleep on and around the streets of London’s West End.

To open up and use a building that had otherwise stood empty (all 5 massive floors) for the last two years is not a criminal act but rather an act of compassion and real love, extending and reaching out in an effort to bring in from the cold the street homeless of London and against the background of this government’s austerity program, this is the real crime comrades and we should be in doubt whatsoever who are the real criminals here to name a few…Iain Duncan Smith, George Osborne and last but not least the Prime Minister the most senior minister in the executive branch of our government, the Right Hon David Cameron who four and half years ago lied to the people of this country when he pledged to “fix” Broken Britain during the campaign for the 2010 general election.

Let us never forget then, that there crimes are many, and to “fix” Broken Britain has meant sticking the boot into the working people with a vengeance…YOU can trust the Tories. You can trust them to take advantage of any trick, no matter how low.

Anyway, getting back to 2a Charing Cross Road and the events that led to the squatters being turfed out on Christmas Eve, that’s illegally evicted onto the cold streets. Greencap decided (despite a court date set in January) to take matters into their own hands and employed a firm of bailiffs to take back the building, so on early morning Christmas Eve and with the help of the Metropolitan Police they smashed their way through a back door into the squat, ejecting everyone except two who climbed onto a balcony in an attempt to try and save the occupation and remain put until others were able to get back to the courts. They climbed out and sat on that balcony for hours, to me it seemed like a lifetime constantly worrying about their safety as I paced up and down Charing Cross Road in exasperation and intense annoyance (with the system) on the other side of the road and where the others had gathered together with all their worldly possessions placed against the great fence of the National Portrait Gallery. They stood in solidarity with their comrades as others stated to join us from across London, at most we had a hundred or so chanting (“home’s not Bank’s”) and singing songs of solidarity to keep our comrade’s spirits high, last minute Christmas shoppers stopped taking photos and even joining in, donations of food, clothing soon filling our pavement and we collected in a short time over £400 generously given and without asking for it by the great British public, we thank you for that, it serves to prove that those who took over the bank have been very successful and managed to connect with existing public concern for and with the issues raised by this campaign and these young people.


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