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Occupy Barnet Protesting against Section 144 and homelessness.

Occupy Barnet Protesting against Section 144 and homelessness.

This was an article in the guardian today.

Research for National Trust reveals more than half of councils with greenbelt land likely to allocate some for development.
Councils preparing to allocate greenbelt land for development, study shows

Response by David Dewhurst.

”Concreted over’ is a gross exaggeration. You can get about 30 decent semis or terraced houses to an acre. With 2.3 inhabitants per house that’s 30K acres to house around 2 million people or 0.05% of UK’s 60 million acre land area. Around 2% is actually housing currently. Around 12% of England is greenbelt according to the Times today. Sure brownfield, using existing empty spaces & relegalising reasonable squatting is a priority.

However, high land prices are crucial to the solvency of the banks and financial sector. Reducing land prices by Land Value Tax, restoring death duty on larger holdings, effective planning de/controls & some land reform would make the costs predominantly that of building (around £100K a house generally, say £87 billion or a quarter of current QE. However a few thousand families & some land banks own over half of UK land. With oligopoly higher prices don’t increase supply; you speculate on your assets appreciating. So we’ll only get decent affordable housing if we’re ready to fight big finance, the landed aristocracy & land bank speculators.

Yeah I’ve skipped the calculation for infrastructure (roads) for new development but the ball park figures are sufficiently amazing to scupper the hue and cry from some of my fellow members of the National Trust who are also big landowners.’

David Dewhurst speaking at the Occupy Barnet assembly outside the office of Mike Free MP. One of the politicians paid by land developers to push through a law making residential squatting illegal. Section 144. This law has been the cause of at least a few deaths of homeless people.

Speaking from 1minute 40 seconds.


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