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Barnet Friends of the Earth Environmental Hustings Livestream



Barnet Friends of the Earth Environmental Hustings 13 April

A public Environment, Climate Change and TTIP Hustings for the main parties contesting the General Election in the Borough of Barnet.

Alasdair Bethley, co-ordinator of Barnet FoE, said:
“TTIP (the EU-US free trade deal being negotiated) and CETA (EU-Canada equivalent) are being stitched up this year with little consultation or publicity. They will weaken health, safety and environmental standards, allow companies to sue governments for introducing new ones, and offer very slender economic benefits, according to independent economists.

“Above all, they offer a free ride to the US and Canada, two countries that abrogated the Kyoto Protocol, making a mockery of the EU’s own efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions as part of that treaty.”

Richard King (UKIP candidate for Finchley and Golders Green) https://twitter.com/RichardKing633
Sarah Sackman (Lab candidate for Finchley and Golders Green), https://twitter.com/sarahsackman
Alasdair Hill (Lib Dem candidate for Hendon) and https://twitter.com/alasdairghill
A.M. Poppy (Green Party candidate for Chipping Barnet) https://twitter.com/GreenPartyPoppy

All three Conservative MPs of Barnet were invited, but did not deign to send a representative. This may indicate their feelings towards the people who vote for them. However, Nigel Farage did state, vote Conservative in seats UKIP cannot win. Perhaps the local UKIP candidates can be seen as representatives of the Tories?


Questions mainly on the Environment with some crossing over to the NHS and TTIP.

TTIP – Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.


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Profits before whales! To know why TTIP would be a nightmare, look to Canada


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