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Council Tax Increasing 150% for the Poorest by BarnetHAction



In Barnet this month the bills fall due for the next big squeeze on the finances of those with the least.

Council tax support (previously council tax benefit) has been reduced again meaning that those eligible are being charged 20% of the standard bill (last year 8.5%)
Typically this will be £20-25/month to pay…..which equates to an increase of 150%….if only incomes had gone up at same rate…
Jobseeker’s Allowance etc capped to 1% increase

The consequences of this cruel, draconian, highly unnecessary policy by Barnet Council (and other authorities) have yet to be seen, but make me highly fearful for people’s wellbeing.

Imagine paying this additional amount, if you were reliant on £72/week JSA.

Thought the bedroom tax was bad? Let’s talk about cuts to council tax support


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