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Homelessness part 2 by Tarpaulin Simon


Homelessness Part 2 By Tarpaulin Simon.

Tried to film a quick piece after my second night at the homeless shelter but realised it was just an unintelligible angry rant.

Reshot it this morning. It’s about a guy that 5 weeks ago was living as a furniture restorer in Cardiff and is now living rough in London.

This system is compressing those in vulnerable positions. Insecure housing, insecure employment. A huge body of people are hovering above the poverty line about to fall into the chasm.

And David Cameron tells us zero – hour contracts work for some people.

Whilst the best pal of William Hague runs Annington Homes trying to buy social housing and convert into housing that most people can’t afford to live in.

I’m ranting again. Watch the video

Homelessness part 2:


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