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The Lost & Found of Activism… by Tina Rothery


The Lost & Found of Activism… by Tina Rothery


A superb night of laughter, dancing and joy.. followed by the thump of shite in the press that painted these beautiful people in an ugly way… got me thinking of what’s been lost and what’s been found. For me personally it has been the hardest of years, with more letting go of things I thought mattered too much to lose and it’s hard… but it’s also a year of glorious discoveries in the new hearts found along the way and a replenishing of spirit and resolve. This path is exhausting but always fascinating.

The Lost & Found of Activism…

What was LOST:

I miss the leisurely nights huddled beneath a mist of imagining where we schemed, my little family and I… of hopes and dreams that we’d weave into reality together.

I’ve lost the warm, comforting cloak of protection that was provided by blissful ignorance. That led me to imagine that ‘democracy’ or ‘justice’ meant something more than lip-service and that in the end we’d be ok because the safeness promised by these words, would kick-in.

I fail to know the truth of my life because in part it was written by a lying media that throughout the years, steered me to a false reality; where they scripted and painted the characters to be friend or foe, said what this or that was measured to be right or wrong and based things on statistics paid for and manipulated by those with vested interests to deceive.

I grieve for the loss of faith in what was and have had to say goodbye to too much and too many …because priorities no longer put my pleasure in the list.

What was FOUND:

I ACTIVELY Protect my (all) young and had to discover a well of strength and self-empowerment to do it. As awful as it is, I’m relieved to have caught onto the fact that unless I stand to protect – then the road is open for industry to run over our children’s futures and sicken them. Without the ugly reality… I would be a bystander helplessly witnessing.

I seize as much knowledge and truth as endless hours of research, conversations, meetings and debates can provide – because knowledge and truth are the mightiest of all weapons in any fight – as well as being on the list of things worth fighting for.

I’ve learned to recognise patterns, traits, cycles and rituals that betray the true intent behind the actions of people – to the point where the people in my life are no longer defined as work colleagues, family and friends – but instead are valued for purpose, intent and humanity – the genuine of the hearts. I am fortunate to find myself amidst circles of people who I choose because of respect and that makes for finer company.

I rejoice in reality – for all its ugly, sharp and vile bits – it IS at least not hidden under piles of bullshit and therefore more easily handled.

I’ve opened my arms and heart to so much of worth that I never knew existed because what’s at the top of my priority list… isn’t mine, it’s ours.

There is no alternative but to Protect and no matter what else is lost or found… this remains a truth

Regarding the vile Daily Mail:

If we were inconsequential… they wouldn’t bother. They clutch at straws, dig deep into a very few pasts and don’t add context to the events they throw out for public attention. They seek to demonise a movement by attacking a few within it – and hoping we’ll turn against them too. I am honoured to call most of the people in their attack article friends or at least fellow Protectors… we never said we were perfect but we are good people because we got off our arses and stand constantly to stop danger and genuine crime done by industry. So some have jaded pasts… jees look at politicians and as for security guards… imagine their offences stretch for miles.

It’s bollocks and piffle and not worth the pennies of paper wasted to print it. If it gets a few thinking we’re all horrid – then those few are so far from understanding reality, we probably can’t reach them anyway. We are lovely and the Daily Mail is lies and foolishness with purpose


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