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March4Homeless Livestream by Tammy Samede

Homes Not Jails. Photo: Mary Jezebel Jane

Homes Not Jails. Photo: Mary Jezebel Jane

March4Homeless by Tammy Samede

What a day !!

Got evicted from our squat at 5:30am high court enforcers smashed in the glass doors and hauled us out.

We had to sit in the streets all day then with our stuff…

We went on the march for the homeless I was legal observing it was pretty awesome.

The march went to the squat that we were evicted from,a bailiff punched me in the chest, luckily there’s footage of him soon it so he’s f*cked…I am sore but okay.

We have a new building now thank goodness.

All good but exhausted !

Our new building is truly awesome we can’t say where for legal reasons but will update soon.

Also while we were on the steer outside our squat we saw an old fox laying under the bushes,she was breathing real laboured and looked injured and dying.i was gutted.what with the eviction then this I just wanted to cry. Fetched some water and a little hesitantly (was afraid she’d panic bite) put it by her nose. She drank and moments later stood up and limped across the park. I followed to see if she was okay. We walked pretty much side by side till she settled in a cool place and I had to go back to guard our stuff. Do you know, the fox and I walked across a park full of people together and not a single one if those suits noticed her….it’s sad that people aren’t connected to what’s around them… Sad but it was wonderful to watch her recover a little. I hope she makes it ~ Tammy Samede.

I sat there surrounded by our belongings,
You lay there surrounded by leaves,
I was a human hounded and weary,
You were a fox , injured in the heat.
I saw your laboured breathing,
And felt my laboured heart,
I had just been evicted,
I was sore , tired and sad for a start,
But I saw you there and for some moments forgot,
All that I was suffering,
Because you were suffering a lot.
So I looking at your fur,and your heaving chest,
I didn’t really know what to do for the best.
I fetched you some water and whispered “please don’t bite”
But the compassion and urgency eased me of my fright,
I nudged it forward and it splashed your nose,
You turned and you drank and slowly you rose.
Your eyes looked into me,
And for a moment you knew,
That humans can be kind and helpful too.
And we shared a moment before you limped away,
Both of us struggling in the heat of the day.
You wandered away while I tagged discreetly beside,
We walked through the park,
Almost side by side.
I felt very sad and I hoped you would live,
And the suits they saw nothing,but dear fox I did.
I left you in the shade as you curled up to sleep,
And as we parted ways,I too felt weak.
But in the madness of eviction,
In the sadness of it all.
I will never forget,
What I felt and saw.
For a moment we were one,
Connected and the same,
And we both saw in each other perhaps some pain.
I hope you make it,
I wish this most of all.
For you and for humanity,
For us all.

So far no reports seen on the BBC or ITV despite all the reports about housing in London. The story did end up on Russia Today.


Demonstration outside Buckingham Palace.

At the end of the evening, there was a party interrupted by plain clothed Police that arrested one activist. This person had participated in the march, but did not break any laws. After the targetted arrest of Jasmine from Focus E15, we can presume that more targeted arrests will happen.







Jon Glackin and Justin from Homeless Reach LIVE on RT News London: March for the homeless No More Deaths On Our Streets


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