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We’re Not All In This Together by Ashman Dan


Occupation protest on Westminster Abbey grounds by protesters from Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) in London

We're Not All In This Together by Ashman Dan

Why isn’t the harm visited upon people living with disability being debated this election?

Could it possibly be the banality of evil? That what has taken place is so disgusting people don’t want to face it? Is it because people would rather protect a illusionary group identity? “at least we arn’t the nazis”, “It’s just human nature” Or do people genuinely believe if you don’t make a rich person richer then life is no longer sacred?

Is it right or just that the law enforcement institutions protect the people enacting this harm?

How has Ian Duncan Smith and Cameron remained in position in light of this harm? Yet when you turn up a few minutes late to work you face the possibility of being fired.

The work capability assessments has killed people. The companies involved and the government are aware. Yet they continue. Lets talk about this. Lets fight for each other. Your community members need you.




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