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Teddington Hustings: Is Twickenham a Safe seat for Vince Cable?



Teddington Hustings: Is Twickenham a Safe Seat for Vince Cable?

According to this Evening Standard article, Vince Cable is convinced he will win, with Tania Mathias of the Conservative Party being supported by the Tory Political Machine to compete. Well the £19 million from the Hedge Fund Super-Rich should assist.

Vince Cable: Liberal Democrat defending a majority of 12,000 and who got more than 50% of the votes in 2010.
Tania Mathias: Conservative. an eye doctor and councillor who is rubbing shoulders with the likes of Boris Johnson (attacks on the working classes so many to name, from closing Fire Stations to letting Property Developers run rampant) and Two-Villas Theresa Villers (She claimed expenses on a flat in Pimlico).
Nick Grant: Labour and a Lawyer. Labour comes in third in Twickenham and their candidate this year looks a very slick politician. Says the right things, which is a worry.
Barry Edwards: UKIP, Environmental Scientist and wants population control. So natural home with the Nationalists. Apart from the usual complaints about the EU, the UKIP candidates seem to be free to say what they want to the audience. Even if it contradicts what Nigel Farage says via the media.
Dominic Stockford: Christian Party. Wants to bring religion back into politics.
David Dean Wedgwood: Magna Carta Party. Not sure what the Barons would have thought of this man. Wants to get rid of state education and the NHS. Charity is preferable.
Tanya Williams: Green Party. Human Rights Worker. I know that I am biased, but she seems the most human and the only one who managed to mention the TTIP.

Due to having seven candidates the questions were very strict and I was grateful for Tanya Williams in mentioning the TTIP, which Vince Cable support via the BIS (Business, Innovation and Skills). To me this is an attack on the sovereignty of the British people. Cable claims that TTIP would be good for Small, Medium Enterprises, but when I asked at one meeting with the so-called experts for examples, they had NONE.

The question becomes, do the people of Twickenham vote for Vince Cable as an MP who holds the interests of Twickenham to the fore? Unfortunately, Cable did not manage to kill off the Heathrow runway expansion in all his five years in government.
Or as a politician, from the Liberal Democrats, part of the Coalition government who raised tuition fees and brought in the Bedroom Tax?

May 7th will decide.


1. State Schools.

2. Nursing and Social Care for the Elderly.

3. Climate Change, Climate2015.

4. Climate2015. Heathrow Expansion.

5. Search and Rescue in the Mediterranean. Due to the Cuts, hundreds of refugees have died seeking asylum.

6. Shortage of Housing available to Londoners, while foreign speculators buy up the land.

7. Trident Renewal: Surprisingly, only the Green Party is against Trident renewal. Even the Christian Party agreed with nuclear weapons.

8. Foreign Aid. Tanya Williams of the Green PArty managed to bring in the threat of the TTIP.


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