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Being Appalled at Esther McVey graffitti by Leanne.



Being Appalled at Esther Money graffiti by Leanne Amanda Rowe.

my letter to Wirral Globe and Liverpool Echo (when I can find a bastard email address to send it to.)

Regarding the recent incident of graffiti reading “McVey murderer” being daubed on the wall at Hoylake town hall. It was reassuring to read that councillors are “appalled” by the graffiti and feel that “a line has been crossed.” Because you could be forgiven for thinking that a line had been crossed when David Clapson, a diabetic man, was found dead after being sanctioned with no food in his stomach and a pile of CVs next to his body. Or when Mark Woods, a mentally ill man, had his benefits stopped after being found fit to work. Mr Woods sat quietly in his flat and starved to death. He weighed 5st 8lbs at the time of death.

One could be forgiven for thinking a line had been crossed when a woman from Ashton-Under-Lyne who was 23 weeks pregnant was sanctioned for telling a prospective employer she was pregnant. Her baby was subsequently born prematurely. Do your readers understand that a benefit sanction means removal of a person’s only source of income, for up to three years? Do the councillors in question realise this? Are they equally as “appalled” at the regime over which McVey has merrily presided which deliberately causes destitution, starvation and even death to innocent people?

Or are those all “lines” that can happily be “crossed”?

Wirral Globe
Councillors appalled as ‘McVey Murderer’ graffiti is scrawled across town hall



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