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Tatton Hustings: George Osborne and Democracy Tory Style GE2015


Photo: Julie Daniels.

Photo: Julie Daniels.

Tatton Hustings: George Osborne and Democracy Tory Style, by Obi

UPDATE: Tina Louise Rothery – Green Party Parliamentary candidate for Tatton. The cause of all the troubles from Gideon Osborne and the reason why filming was not allows in the Hustings. The Bankruptcy of IDEAS got scared that his record would be questioned.

I was looking forward to the Tatton Hustings, as I was going to be meeting a friend and fellow Occupier Tina Rothery, who was also standing as the Green Party Candidate in Tatton. Apart from a brief fluke in 1997, Tatton has never had a non-Tory representative in Parliament. 1997 was an anomaly due to theNeil Hamilton Cash for Questions scandal. An Independent Journalist, Martin Bell decided to stand against him and all the other parties decided to step down in his favour. Even with that advantage, Neil Hamilton still had over 18,000 people voting for a corrupt man, down 12,000 from 1992 of 31,658 votes. All indications are that along with the Labour and LibDem votes, 5,000 Tory voters may have ended up voted to have him ousted, with Bell gaining 29,354 votes.

George Osborne was parachuted in this Tory heartland and won back the seats for the Conservative Party, with an extra thousand votes. Unfortunately, Labour and LibDems had decided to part company and had their own candidates stand, splitting the vote. Osborne has still not regained the same numbers as his Tory predecessor, who has since joined UKIP, a party filled with Tories too vile for the Conservative Press Team to cover up.

Along with other photographers and lens journalists, I arrived in Knutsford Academy. The event was hosted by the Knutsford Guardian , and all information I received was that video recordings were allowed. On the night, I was informed that video and audio recordings were not allowed. The excuse was that it was a “children’s venue”. I pointed out that hustings happen in schools, but they would not budge. I ended up staying and watching the other candidates take snipes at Osborne and Osborne looking uncomfortable. I did find it fascinating how women of a certain age (known as the Blue Rinse Brigade according to anecdotal information) love Osborne. When one candidate criticised Osborne on his record, one of his defenders shouted “Give him a chance!”. The woman seems to have forgotten that Gideon had been Tatton MP since 2001. How much of a chance does she want given to Osborne, the Bankruptcy of IDEAS?

Tina Rothery was the only woman candidate and spoke away from the neo-liberal script. She was the only one who mentioned the Infrastructure Bill, TTIP and Fracking. UKIP candidate Stuart “I’m an Engineer” Hutton claimed to be logical, but decided to join the blame EU and Immigration for all their problems brigade. Labour David “I support Sanctions” Pinto-Duschinsky. The LibDem candidate, Gareth “I’m a local guy, so against HS2 despite my party supporting it” Wilson defended TTIP, claiming that it would be good for Small and Medium Enterprises, which would surprise many campaigning against it and even some defenders. I ended up providing my contact details, just in case all the information I received in the last year needed updating. I always thought it would only be an advantage for the trans-national corporations and no one else.


On the Saturday, I took a photo of the sign above “Public Meeting”. When I entered, I was again informed that no video recording was allowed. Later on the information was that the three other candidates sans the UKIP candidate wanted recording, but George Osborne was the one to forbid the recording of a public meeting and the Church acquiesced.

This election, I am learning democracy, Tory style. In the Guardian, I read how David Cameron had two candidates prevented from participating in the Witney Constituency hustings and a lens journalist was also prevented entry. In Tatton, George Osborne prevented a public record to be made of the hustings even though in 2010 it was on video.

For those who have been watching my coverage of the national elections, you will know that the Barnet Conservative Party have not been turning up in any of the hustings, with or without recordings. They are Mike “Section 144” Freer (Finchley and Golders Green), Theresa “Two-Villas” Villiers (Chipping Barnet) and homophobic Matthew “West Hendon Estate” Offord (Hendon).

I am skeptical of the First Past the Post system of elections and the examples I have provided shows what corrupt cretins we end up voting into government.

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