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Occupy Rupert Murdoch Day 1. 23/03/2015


Every cause is hindered, many truths are held back and disharmony, mischief, divisiveness and far worse, caused by corporate controlled media. When facing the clear danger of technologies like fracking and issues like nuclear waste disposal – we face the hurdle of the media every step of the way. NO-ONE who had access to facts, without the manipulation of the message – would agree to the things our government takes us into: war with Iraq/demonisation of others by race/intrusive surveillance/infrastructure bill/TTIP et al/bailing out bankers/austerity and so much more… none of these things could occur without the propaganda provided by the media.

THIS matters because although WE build networks and utilise online and independent media for filtering down to truth – so many don’t. ~ Tina Louise Rothery.

[Schedule Day 1 – Occupy Rupert Murdoch Week
9am Live TV Preview of Occupy Rupert Murdoch Week
10.30am Meet at The Spike, London Bridge, SE1 (in front of Evans Cycles)
11am. Delivery of Arrest Warrant for Rupert Murdoch to News UK HQ, Mini-Shard London Bridge Street, SE1

11.30am Taking The Space – setting up camp.
1pm George Barda – Reclaiming our World from The Billionaire Media

5.30pm Protest Rally – Environment / Fracking
Tina Louise Rothery – Fractivist

Shahrar Ali Deputy Leader Green Party of England and Wales

7.30pm General Assembly
9pm Open Mic – poetry/music/stand-up comedy etc
10pm Meditation (for those interested)


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