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Occupy Democracy Day 2. A More Democratic System.


Occupy Democracy Day 2. A More Democratic System.

A day devoted to our demands for proportional representation and a citizen-led constitutional convention. We’ll look at the body politic – from Magna Carta to a new constitution, via a game of anti monopoly and guerrilla gardening. Join us at 10am to make Monopoloy and Anti-Monopoloy games followed by a creative direct action at 12pm – Reclaim the Commons Guerrilla Gardens Flash Mob. At 1pm 3 Acres and A Cow tell the story of land rights and protest through folk song and story. At 2pm there’s an informal talk on the history of the Magna Carta and the Charter of the Forest followed by a workshop on “commoning” led by Commons Rising (3pm), Monopoly and Anti-Monopoly (4pm) and then a talk and discussion on “How do we get proportional representation after the election” with Jean Lambert MEP (7pm), a general assembly (8pm) followed by word artistry from award winning political poet David Lee Morgan and conscious music from Peter Deane (9pm).
Day 2 opens with a few singalongs on the day. Good thing Boris the Johnson’s gestapo, the Heritage Wardens, were stand offish.
It changed as the day progressed, just to justify their existence. After all, you can’t have pro-democracy activists disturb the peace of the tourists and people who want to take selfies near Parliament and Big Ben.

Singalong: F*ck off Back To Eton.

Direct Action on the day.
Legalise Cannabis protest Parliament London

Police trying to snatch Occupy Democracy banner

Workshop: The Commons.

It was pointed out that the Commons Movement became known as the Environmental Movement.

After a break and playing a new version of the Landlord’s Game or Monopoly, Occupy Democracy came up with Anti-Monopoly.

Jean Lambert, Green Party MEP talking about Proportional Representation.

To end the evening was entertainment by
Pete Deane, Occupy Activist and Singer, Song-writer. The Occupiers had to protect Pete, as the Boris the Johnson Heritage Wardens did not like the idea of people enjoying themselves. The byelaws have made it so restrictive that the Heritage Wardens have the same powers of the Gestapo. They can have you arrested if they don’t like you or even if you question their powers.

David Lee Morgan, Poet.

Police Protesting their Pay and Conditions join at the end.



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