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Occupy Mayday: Occupy Democracy ParliamentSq.


Occupy Mayday: Occupy Democracy at Parliament Square.
The Occupation of Parliament Square was decided to start on Mayday, International Workers Day and to bookend the General Election 2015. Politics is too important to be left to the politicians.
What will change before the elections and after the elections? Out of the 650 Constituencies, only 100 seats will ever change hands. It would take a major scandal that gets reported by the mainstream media in order to change things. For instance, the safe Tory seat of Tatton, was a safe Tory seat for over 100 years. It took the scandal of Cash for Questions, Neil Hamilton for an independent candidate to get elected. That took both the Labour and LibDem candidates to step down for a two horse race to happen. Even then three Independent Conservatives stood against Neil Hamilton.

Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir – direct from New York – kicking off the ten-day occupation of Parliament Square Friday 1st Mayday.

THE STOP SHOPPING CHOIR We Are The 99 Percent. May Day Parliament Sq

Louise Castro Fracking the Election

Andy DPAC – The disabled people’s manifesto

George Barda – Progressive Greens.

Live Video from Mayday.


John Hilary of War on Want.


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