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Love Activists London Building 17


Love Activists London Building 17. By Norbert Lawrie.

Love Activists London Update:

We ‘Love Activists London’ and as I divulged in my update yesterday,
have been ordered by the high court to vacate by 3.30pm today our current residency, so last night the crew took another substantial building, a large building in a very prime location in central London, for security reasons we are unable to divulge the address at this time.

This is our 17 building in 5 months, there are so many empty buildings just doing nothing but collecting dust whilst the streets fill up with people as a result of austerity and the attacks on welfare have impacted on the most vulnerable in society and many end up on the streets, quite frankly it could even be the end of the line with no return ticket and no way back.

If all we do is just to highlight the fact that in this sophisticated, modern age people are being slung out onto the streets like rubbish and waste was in the Middle Ages, we are not rotting vegetables but human beings.


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