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London Property Boom Corruption by Dan Ashman


London Property Boom Corruption by Dan Ashman

>>> Back in December the Love Activists took a building to shelter the homeless. This building was a former bank on 2A Charing Cross Road, opposite the National Gallery. A former RBS building, we found out that it was held in an offshore tax haven by a company called Greencap Limited. This multi million pound building, worth well over 50 million was held by Greencap that reported their company worth to be £9. Yes that is nine pounds it’s not a typo.

The initial judges order was to allow the Love activists to remain to fulfil their stated goal of providing a bit of comfort and food for those without a home over Christmas. On Christmas eve the squat was raided by the police off the back of another court order by another judge. The right to reply and procedure or the ethical basis for these orders did not seem to matter to the monetarily incentivised Gestapo. How easy they find it to betray the community well-being.

The 24 hour street kitchen was born out of necessity. Though it was harassed by the Council and police, then eventually destroyed by the police a month and a half down the line.

Later the Love Activists squatted a property near Green Park Tube in Mayfair. This Hotel with fifty or so en-suite rooms was held by Green Cap 4. In similar circumstances to the publicly owned bailed out toxic loan car park bank RBS. It turned out the Prince of Brunei, one of the most richest wasteful people in the world has strong connections to the buildings.

The question we are left with is, when is enough enough? With a million and a half empty buildings in the country, homelessness is increasing. Why are we allowing the stupidity of greed to determine the conditionality of our communities? Why do we continue to empower people who have more than they can ever utilise in their lifetime to retain such an unreasonable amount and leave others to starve? Their delusions of grandeur and believing this to be a game of monopoly destroys the environment and life experience for too many. The experience being ultimately all that we have. It is sacred.<<<



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