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Marching Orders: Ingestre Place. March 11th 2015


Marching Orders by Norbert Lawrie

The High Court on the Strand (Royal Courts of Justice, City of Westminster) is indeed becoming a very familiar place for Love Activists London, once more for the umpteen time we attended the court today (this morning) to defend our occupation, only to be given our marching orders and told that resistance would be to defy the court and the law of the land and would be a crime, a criminal offence.

Who was it that said that the law is an Ass… Mr. Bumble in Oliver Twist.

The Lord Mayor and Westminster City Hall have been awarded an IPO and we now face yet another eviction from Ingestre Place and what is a really lovely building, the best we’ve had in a great many respects, central heating, hot water, a shower and lots of space, so much space and in good upkeep that we have made every effort to look after the building and respect it.

In the very short span of a week or rather just over, we have organised workshops, had film nights, cooked food for the homeless and helped the elderly fill in forms for benefits and so on, our way of outreaching into the greater community around us.

Only last night we took hot food out onto the streets and fed the homeless around Soho and Marble Arch, we handed out skipped food to our Romanian brothers and sisters who are starving and sleeping rough on our streets, don’t believe the racist propaganda that’s churned-out about them, nothing more than a pack of lies which warrants another separate post later.

All this was explained to the judge, who yet again told us, that this is political and that his concern was with the law only, even though we pointed out that the law was made by politicians who have a vested interest in keeping the poor homeless, hungry and dispossessed and the rich even more rich.

We are evicted from one building, then we will open the next and continue our campaign of highlighting and bringing support and relief to the many who have no roof over their heads tonight and tomorrow…That is the real crime?


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