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This Saturday – #ConnectTheDots at St Paul’s; Today – Climate Justice Collective’s Big 6 Energy Bash

  • Supports Climate Justice Collective’s day of action against the Big 6 Energy companies today
  • Announces participation in international #ConnectTheDots environmental awareness day this weekend

Today – Big 6 Energy Bash
Following an eventful and inspiring May Day, Occupy London supporters are out in force today in support of Climate Justice Collective’s day of action. The Big 6 Energy Bash is making a stand against representatives of corporate energy interests and high politics meeting in London for the UK Energy Summit.
For news follow @occupylondon on Twitter and hashtag #occupymay. Important updates about Occupy May events are also available for free via SMS – simply text Follow @occupymay to 86444.

Saturday 5 May – Londoners Connect the Dots
The effort continues this Saturday 5 May, when Occupy London team up with the environmental group 350.org and hundreds of cities across the world, as part of a global action day. #ConnectTheDots aims to explain the links between the unusual weather of recent years, global warning and the actions of corporations and governments in an accessible and engaging way. [2] All invited to bring family and friends, have some lunch by the steps of St Paul’s and get involved in a series of activities for all ages.
  • Noon – Events start with a giant game of Twister and costumed characters on the steps of the Cathedral – literally joining the dots with our bodies between fire, drought, floods and hurricanes! There will also be information stalls and a picnic
  • 2pm – The Occupy London General Assembly, in which people come together to discuss political issues, will focus on connecting the dots about the issues raised by the theme of the day, with prominent environmental speakers, and the chance to discuss the issues and potential ways forward
  • 5pm: Events move over to the Tate Modern gallery, via the Millenium Bridge, for a screening of the award-winning documentary Dirty Oil, which tells the story of the Canadian Tar Sands, the most destructive industrial project on Earth, which Tate’s sponsors BP, have been heavily involved in.
Occupy London activist Peter Coville commented: “The roles which the corporate and financial sectors, as well as politicians, have played in creating and exacerbating the environmental, economic and social crises we are seeing around the world are now becoming clear. #ConnectTheDots aims to visualise this in a playful way for children and adults alike. It’s time for a radical change of direction, to bring people together in London, and around the world, to enable people to join the dots for themselves to really see what is happening and begin to act globally – for people, not corporations.
“Scientists are unanimous on the dangers of continuing with “business as usual”. Even the conservative International Energy Agency recently predicted that we have only five years to act to avoid dangerous levels of global warming. There is now a rising wave of public opinion on the need for urgent action. Last August, over 1200 American citizens were arrested after sitting down in front of the Whitehouse in the greatest act of civil disobedience since the Vietnam War, to protest against the construction of a pipeline taking the dirty tarsands oil from Canada to Texas.”
Occupy London is proud to be part of this growing call for serious action by governments and corporations to prevent dangerous levels of climate change, and leave a safe planet for future generations.
[2]  More details about #ConnectTheDots may be found on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/events/328898423830201/)350.org(http://act.350.org/event/impacts_en/2484)  or email LSX-Occupy-Environment-Group@googlegroups.com with any  queries. Find out more about 5th May Climate Impacts Day and  International Stop Tar Sands Day at www.climatedots.org and  www.stoptarsands.eu.

Start of Big Six Energy Bash.

Main Event till Police Kettle without Tea and scones served.

Police Kettle: Police attempting to grab phone footage.

Big Six Energy Demo -Mid Kettle Reporting n Raving

Big Six Energy Demo – with Legal Observers. Not being let out to Vote!


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