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Putney Debates Planning Meeting: 24th June, 2014


Minutes of ‘Occupy the Putney Debates 2014′ Meeting, held at Friends’ House, Euston, 24th June, 2014

If you feel there are errors in my report, please feel free to suggest necessary amendments.

Attendees : Obi, Elena, Julie T, Carl, Steve B, Dave D.

Carl broached the clarification of the programme of events for ‘Occupy the Putney Debates 2014’, list of possible speakers for the events as well as possible titles/subjects to be included in the agenda.

3 weekends involved, since this enables many people to attend and be involved who otherwise would not be able to.

Tim Wallace is liaising with Dave D on bookings, so no one else needs to concern themselves on this element. Quakers will possibly provide some venues for free.

As you can see space is running out & we need an alternative venue for Nov 1st – Tax Evasion/Avoidance/Corporate Capture & Regulatory Arbitrage. Suggestions? Offers?
25 October- almost fully booked day and evening, Grace Baptist mission uses all most of the space and they are really loud Sundays 26th we close at lunchtime all free until 13Hr
27 October – all free from 9Hr 17Hr after 17Hr only the Light left all the other rooms booked by Birkbeck
28th George Fox from 9Hr to 17Hr ( 100 max) all birkbeckerd in the evening including the Light
30- George fox or Small Hall 9Hr to 17Hr nothing in the evening
31 bloomsbury 9hr to 17Hr, Small Hall from 18Hr to 21Hr30
1st all booked
2nd small Hall bloomsbury morning.
4th small hall G Fox daytime, Light in the evening.
5th Light in the evening
6th Small halll in the day
7th Small hall Bloomsbury in the evening
8th Small hall G fox daytime

Dave D has met Jamie Kelsey-fry concerning an event(s) on ‘Fracking’.
We are looking into the possibility of getting Russell Brand on board : Dave D is to follow this up. Dave D is hoping to send a warm-up email to John Christiansen.( one of the authors of ‘Treasure Islands’)
Dave D is to confirm with Owen Jones.

It was noted that our google calendar helps firm the timetable.

Carl noted that performance-type events seem to be currently lacking, and that we need to establish some sort of linkage between each of our events.

We discussed the possibility of having someone such as Owen Jones getting the Putney Debates going with a sort of ‘overview intro’, and then there is the question also of who to co-present this with Owen.

Obi added that we need to mention in our intro-event how the political/social/economic landscape has changed since we ran our first Putney Debates in 2012. Please see below, from 2012 Socially Useful Banking.

Bank of England Official Announces – Occupy Movement “are right” from Polly Tikkle Productions on Vimeo.

It seems that on the first Sunday of our programme it is more likely than not that St Mary’s Church Putney will host our opening event.

We inconclusively considered how many events we would hold in relation to TTIP : perhaps. 2, or more ?

Steve B is to talk to WDM/Inka/Vica et al. concerning bringing in speakers on TTIP : John Hilary, Nick Dearden, Linda K, and Tom Lines were suggested.

Dave D mooted the importance of having an event on ‘regulatory arbitrage’, which looks to be developed.

On an event concerning the NHS, we were considering bringing in Lizie Reynolds, ( julie T to chase up) Dr. Louise Irvine, and possibly others.
Would we adopt the issue of ‘growing inequality’ as the general starting-point to introduce this year’s Putney Debates, or, more specifically, perhaps three key issues such as TTIP, Fracking, and the NHS ? We have not worked this quandary out yet.
We have had many potential speakers who have already committed themselves but not as yet neatly tied to precise dates. This must be firmed-up.

Julie T has clearly examined the legalities concerning the setting-up of a bank account and the titulature-roles (offices) of, say ‘chair'(?), equality secretary, etc, in order to implement our Putney Debates endeavours. This is to be clarified soon, and as to whom these offices may be given. Apparently there is a need to satisfy ‘articles of association’. Julie T has also looked into setting up a ‘democracy museum’ . Julie T suggested we might open a bank account in the name of ‘Democracy Museum’. These slightly obscure legal elements establish us as a legally recognisable body, and may even assist our ability to get funding.

We are to agree the rules and decide our name at the next meeting.

Carl and Julie T are to liaise in order to change the visual image on our Twitter account. We need one that is much more vivid and striking. Carl is going to try to work out a new, more apt image that we can adopt, and he will bring it to the next meeting.

We are also going to invite Polly Higgins (‘End Ecocide’) to speak, and tie this in to an ad. for us, perhaps using Inka’s film on ecocide. Liaise with Inka. Video below

We may invite George Monbiot to speak on the enclosure of the commons and rewilding, and, possibly, Colin Tegge.

By getting other organisations on board, we can make our required work-load less onerous in order to make the programme of events run smoothly.

We need to do more work on ‘the little book of solutions’, perhaps to tie in to the event. (?) Steve B still needs to finish his piece on the ‘psychological’ solution.

Carl is to send out our website address.

The agenda priorities for our next meeting (according to Dave D ) is to be a little harsher on ourselves in order to get things done.

The next meeting of the ‘Putney Debates Meeting 2014′ is … 6.45pm, (or thereabouts) Friends’ Meeting House, Euston, … downstairs corridor by the cafe, wednesday 9th July.

🙂 Steve B



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