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Putney Debates 8th Planning Meeting: Wed 16th July


Minutes Putney Debates 8th Planning Meeting:

Wed 16th July 6.45pm

Present: Obi, Dave, Mike G, Julie, Pete D Apologies: Carl, Elenna

Maybe it’s the heat but bits of the potential programme seem to be ballooning beyond my mental grasp. So please check & find/suggest a place for your event (or the one you want that’s missing) if it hasn’t got a date yet, & contact.
Thanks – Dave

3/ Programme See attached Putney Programme v16Jul14 – getting complicated – use provisional plan to stimulate more concrete stuff, including date commitments & so far missing items. nb several events could be fitted into any a.m. afternoon & evening session.

Noted: although Putney Bridge will be closed to vehicles it will be open to foot, bicycle & wheelchair use. Also St. Mary’s can be approached from Putney main line south of the river.

Friends’ Euston need all their bookings by Aug 1st at latest.

4/ Planning Group documentation for bank account etc. (inc. signatories)

Dave will set up the bank account & reactivate crowdfunding ap by Thurs 24 meeting. £840 from Occupy London arrived in his account this morning. nb Carl will take Treasurer & Equalities roles.
Julie will make LUSH application by Thurs 24. Further steps in funding consult Chris Green on/by Monday 21st.
It’s getting very late for other Putney Debates applications though not for Magna Carta anniversary.
Obi will contact Jean Lambert (MEP) re EU funding & email Mike to include him in the ask.

Julie to clarify on Civil Society Fund, Joseph Rowntree (Reform Trust?), Edge Fund + ? – maybe in association with Chris G.

A structure similar to a company limited by guarantee will be necessary for this, as agreed Julie will finalise the articles of association as necessary.

5/ Website developments & links & position on OL Website & elsewhere

Google analytics: someone will install them – Obi ask Pedro to add tracking? Discussion about getting website to download faster to mobiles (inc. modifying the ‘banner’ which comes down slowly) – responsibility?

Linking with OL website – Julie will talk to James V re appropriate access to enable properly. Consult Inka on how to set up a banner. (Obi or Julie? or? )

SEO – so ‘Putney Debates’ & ‘New Putney Debates’ puts our website on first page – download a plug-in from yoast.com or seotimer.com & possible w3totalcache?. Obi will ask Pedro to make it happen. Dave forwarding account/customer numbers to Pedro.

6/ Archive & Promo developments

(inc. progress chase/commitment Little Book of Answers)

Pete D to contact Carl re archives – Pete offering to produce an edited selection.

Dave to put up an initial outline on OL Events page.

Linking Putney Debates Twitter with Occupy London twitter. Someone needs to liaise with Tina B (who will?).

8/ Next meeting Thursday 24th July 6.45 Friends’ Euston on the same day as the Democracy Action WG meeting.


Emerging Programme: New Putney Debates @ 16.7.14 – bits may be reshuffled – bits creatively fuzzy still.

Saturday 25th October – earlier: History of the Putney Debates

Later: Assembly for democracy – Agreement of the People, John MacDonald & the Haldane lawyers – Julie contact

Sunday 26th Oct include session on ‘Commoning’ (here or next Sunday) (how long?) Tim & Vica to arrange.

Monday 27th Oct

session on ‘Commoning’ (here or next Sunday) Tim & Vica to arrange

Tuesday 28th Oct

Wednesday 29th Oct Mike G Walthamstow Council Social Club, evening, including Banner Theatre performance on ‘The Cuts’ (nb notify local Greens & Trades Council) Maybe 7.30 to pub closing times with discussion. Eventbrite set up.

Thursday 30th Oct

Friday 31st Oct

Saturday 1st November 2.30-5pm John Christensen & others on Tax Dodging – avoidance, evasion, corporate capture, regulatory arbitrage – with complimentary & contradictory views tba definitely at Bloomsbury Suite, Friend’s Euston.

Sunday 2nd Nov session on ‘Commoning’ (here or last Sunday) (how long?) Tim & Vica to arrange

Monday 3rd Nov

Tuesday 4th Nov

Wednesday 5th Nov – link with Anonymous, Million March somehow.
Thursday 6th Nov Possibly – Charter of the Forest (for anniversary 6th Nov) – more for the people than Magna Carta – rights to go back to the Royal Forests, squatting rights (stem from)- reasserting rights lost – King Rufus) (radical writer Julie will name) Interesting way of approaching land rights (at Diggers site?)

Friday 7th Nov Is Omar’s Youth Parliament here?

Saturday 8th Nov Eco Events focus this weekend (unless swap with 1st weekend).
Carbon Bubble? Arranged by Peter C? Monbiot?
Pete D organises Biomass event this afternoon?
(some mention of a Tory environment MP)
New energy minister, Matthew Hancock called for cuts to wind power subsidies
while New environment secretary and former Shell employee, Liz Truss claimed renewable power was damaging the economy.

Evening celebration with Flock – Wilding Dance group

(Remembrance) Sunday 9th Nov Poss contact Mel for ‘Stop the Arms Trade’ exposition. Someone approach Dan Ashman (Veterans for Peace) Peace Pledge Union – someone approach Jan Melachar? Bruce Kent suggested.

Pete D to scan & circulate Houseman’s Diary

Evening –probably Tim curates final Cabaret/Party at a pub-ish venue (but in balance with Pete D)

Not yet assigned ‘The Scottish Invasion of Ireland 1315’ performance Pete D – ideally Church stage venue. ( considering St. Pancras Old & New churches) Also/combined with evening performance fundraising venue, maybe Phoenix pub Sommerstown. Pete D will give date.

Clive’s event on Concentrated Power – elite control of land, money & labour – possibly at LSE

Dave’s debate on whether we need to abolish Capitalism or not – Provisionally David Graber & Paul Myners , gender balanced anti-capitalist needed

Pete the Temp agreed to be involved somewhere.

Need to chase Sian Rees re performance

Owen Jones agreed to participate, but needs chasing

Nick Dearden WDM definitely wants an event

Dave nudging Debt Resist UK & JDC towards an event (also want Move Yr Money, & Hacking finance)

Checking out Feminist Library as a venue for a feminist event. ObiÕChris (which?) ÕLisa Marie London Feminist Network? Anarcho Feminists?

Mike G checking re Lucas Factory Programme anniversary & Hilary Wainwright

(Colin Tudge, Vandana Shiva (agro-ecology), Bianca Jagger (food), Helena, Paul, corporate Watch, Extreme Energy also mentioned but see below)

Lest we forget – from item 3 minutes of 17 June

3/ Roughing out/clarifying a programme for 25 Oct-9Nov – still v fluid

Democracy predominant

a) Assembly for democracy – Agreement of the People, John MacDonald & the Haldane lawyers – Julie contact

b) Republican Socialist Alliance – Julie liaises

c) Concentrated Power & the 3 fundamental flaws in the economic system, elite control of land, money & labour – Clive to do

d) Charter of the Forest (for anniversary 6th Nov) – more for the people than Magna Carta – rights to go back to the Royal Forests, squatting rights (stem from)- reasserting rights lost – King Rufus) (radical writer Julie will name) Interesting way of approaching land rights (at Diggers site?) [link with Quakers on their history] .. separate event?

e) If Mayors Ruled the World (Benjamin Barber) session (maybe) – Julie

Eco predominant

a)-?) Delegate to EEE contact Peter C – get more consolidated – titles, themes, foci? Julie talk Peter Coville

x) Fracking Dave to talk to Jamie KF re Talk Fracking group & Mel, Ben C – Tisha ‘Frack off London’ who approaches?

y) Reclaim the Power. Someone approach Power Shift UK?

z) Pete Dene biofuels event/session

Economics predominant:

a) Austerity (& links) inc Owen Jones (D confirm with him) – explaining the causes of the crisis – inequality), indicate radical alternatives.

b) Capitalism – viable part of the mix or not? (Dave to check out Tomorrow’s Company, Fiona Woolf & seek 2 good ‘anti-capitalists’ (suggestions?) (could touch/address Commoning & Marxism if not elsewhere)

c) Tax Evasion, Avoidance, Corporate Capture, Regulatory arbitrage (D to contact Tax Justice Network (John Christensen, Richard Murphy) & hopefully engage their opposition)

d) (? link TTIP here with Regulatory Arbitrage issue or separate? TTIP need contact Vica, War on Want John Hilary, FoE but maybe predominantly organise ourselves?)

e) Bank (& large financial institutions) Reform (D seek further advice from Rich, + Mark B re Vivianne W?) n.b. NEF, +ve Money, Bitcoin? Andy Tyrie?

f) Debt (D engage JDC & DRUK in event)

g) Housing (D hopefully engage SPARK protagonists from 16 June 14 et. al. – other suggestions/volunteers?) g?/ link

h) with Solutions e.g. Basic Income (Power Shift UK + Natalie Bennett (Green party)?), Welfare State attacks (Carl to report back – also to approach NEF + Julia Slay re core economy etc.), NHS (Obi to approach contacts e.g. Dr Marie-Louise Irvine), Legal Aid? Mel?

i) Tim F event(s) Commoning etc. (wi Frank Tippler?)

J) Omar’s Young People’s Event – Youth Parliament.. John McDonald MP

‘Arts’ predominant

FLOCK re-wilding – Carl pursues

Tim F event(s). Julie’s Performance Group. Natasha’s footage

Obi sent minutes & invite Peoples’ Assembly, Democracy Café, SELPA, People before Profit to next meeting.


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