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Putney Debates Planning Meeting: Wed 9th July 6.45pm


New Putney Debates Planning Meeting:

Wed 9th July 6.45pm

Present: Ellenna, Obi, Julie, Dave, Kris Apologies: Mike, Steve, Carl, Chris

2/ Minutes of 24Jun14 Dave hasn’t talked to Jamie KF re fracking speakers yet. Awaiting feedback from Carl re wilding performance event. Julie to link with Charter of the Forest event on same day. Ellenna to get Strawberry Thieves details, nb. Winstanley’s lyrics. Dave to check with Steve on discussion with WDM on TTIP . Twitter account visual image Julie to phone Carl this week. Re- ecocide, did we say Obi would chase this or someone contact Melanie for guidance? Obi will ask Fereshteh this week. Obi talk ‘stop the arms fair’ people – maybe link with Nov 9th

3/ Programme over the 16 days – provisional elements

Sat 25th Sept. a.m. History of the Putney Debates, pm. Democracy .. (Julie planning) inc. Geoffrey Robertson, Chris ? , Michael Marsden, Haldane Society (check funding potential) DAWG.

Sat 1st Nov. c. 2.30 – 5 Tax Avoidance, Evasion, Corporate Capture, Regulatory Arbitrage (D to contact IEA & Adam Smith Inst at J Christensen’s suggestion

Wed 5th Nov. – some link with Anon 106 man March

Sun 9th Nov – remembrance Sunday – Quakers (Tim Wallace) suggest we link with Peace Pledge Union (meeting Friends Euston Fri 7 Nov? & Veterans for Peace who meet there Sat 8th Nov.)

Quakers (Tim Wallis) can offer list of women facilitators for events.

Owen Jones not responded to email – Dave to chase, also to ring/text Giles Fraser. Tell Clive if LSE contacts can offer space. Complicated unfinalised discussion re other economic event – concepts of corporate structure, conditions of limited liability (Dan Plesch, Stephanie Blankenbury) + triple bottom line

Obi to consult with/ask Lisa Marie re feminism event before next meeting.

PACE festival?

Tony Greenham NEF who to contact? Ask Carl?

Ask Peter C to nominate a first day for eco themes – (we’re keen to include carbon bubble pension themes)

Dave to get clarity about at least 3 more event dates by next meeting.

Venue scarcity – NOTED Friends’ Euston have only 3 days available across the long fortnight for ‘small’/medium meetings + 4 day’s availability for the largest 1000 space hall. (see attached doc.) Dave contacting Wesley for alternative venues (St. Mary’s Aldermary & Bloomsbury Baptists) but more desperately needed. British Museum may be available weekdays – Obi to check out.

Also NOTE Putney Bridge closed during Putney Debates so no access to St. Mary’s from nearest tube

4/ Co-ordination with DAWG re Fri 17th Oct. Email discussion already about linking & mutual support of the two events. Obi & Dave will attend their planning meeting on Thursday 10th July (done, good)

5/ Planning Group rules for bank account and Articles of Association as circulated by Julie, with flexible modification, AGREED. funding Julie will make LUSH application(s) including provision for follow-on funding for June 2015 Magna Carta event (link with General Election undecided), & secondly the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust. Ellenna or Dave? will get more details of the Charities Aid Foundation bank account & contact details by Thursday. Obi will check out Ben & Jerry’s.

Note: From last Saturday 5 July’s GA agreement £840 to be transferred by Em to Dave’s bank account while the NPD one is set up. – Dave to get on with sorting NPD account & activating Sponsume or similar on Thursday 10th.
Appeals to other places still need to be identified, formulated & probably made.

6/ Website Carl, Julie, Pete Deane, Obi & possibly Pedro will all do something – vaguely collaborating together – uploading archives from 2012, utilising parts for promo video – linking with OL website & Obi will get certain OL site login details from Inka. Tie in new domain name to TheNPD website – by end of month, tho’ estimate ‘twill take 5 mins.

7/ Archive & Promo developments. See 6. Realistically Little Book of issues/Answers may not be completed till Magna Carta anniversary, but encourage people to get started now – could be released in stages.

Next meeting next Wednesday 16th July 6.45 Friends’ Euston

(recording accidentally erased so could be errors & omissions)

Friends’ Euston availability @ Tue 8 July ‘14

Sat 25 October- almost fully booked day and evening, Grace Baptist mission uses all most of the space and they are really loud (we may use St Mary’s Putney then)

Sundays 26th we close at lunchtime all free until 13Hr

Mon 27 October – all free from 9Hr 17Hr after 17Hr only the Light (1000 spaces) left all the other rooms booked by Birkbeck

Tue 28th George Fox from 9Hr to 17Hr ( 100 max) all birkbeckerd in the evening including the Light

Wed 29, Thu 30- George fox or Small Hall 9Hr to 17Hr nothing in the evening

Fri 31 bloomsbury 9hr to 17Hr, Small Hall from 18Hr to 21Hr30

Sat 1st Nov all booked (Just heard Bloomsbury room/suite re-emerged c.200 if partitions moved)

Sun 2nd small Hall bloomsbury morning.

Mon 3rd Tue 4th small hall G Fox daytime, Light in the evening.

Wed 5th Light in the evening

Thu 6th Small hall in the day

Fri 7th Small hall Bloomsbury in the evening

Sat 8th Small hall G fox daytime

So I think these means the only times we realistically have at Friends’ Euston are:-

Monday 27 Oct evening if we can use 1000 spaces

Friday 31 Oct evening – small hall 6-930pm

Mon 3rd Nov & Tue 4th , Wed 5th – only if we can use 1000 spaces

Fri 7th small hall

Sat 8th 2 smallish halls during the day

– or excluding ‘the Light’ largest 1000 space hall. just, Fri Oct 31st & Sat 8th Nov

& we need to indicate what we want quickly, before these go. – Warned will all fill from Aug 1st.

Or alternatively we need other locations for Sat 25th Oct to Thur 30th (inclusive) &

Sun 1st Nov till Thur 6th (inclusive) + Sun 9th Nov – except for maybe 1 1000 seater event.


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