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Putney Debates Planning Meeting: 17th June


Putney Debates 5th Planning Meeting:

at Friends’ Euston.
Plenty to ponder, do, suggest & probably correct. Thanks. Dave

Minutes: Putney Debates 5th Planning Meeting: Tue 17 June 6.45pm

Present: Obi, Carl, Dave, Julie Apologies: Tim

2/ minutes 10Jun14 – skipped – Action items to be checked 24 6 14

3/ Roughing out/clarifying a programme for 25 Oct-9Nov – still v fluid

Democracy predominant:

a) Assembly for democracy – Agreement of the People, John MacDonald & the Haldane lawyers – Julie contact

b) Republican Socialist Alliance – Julie liaises

c) Concentrated Power & the 3 fundamental flaws in the economic system, elite control of land, money & labour – Clive to do

d) Charter of the Forest (for anniversary 6th Nov) – more for the people than Magna Carta – rights to go back to the Royal Forests, squatting rights (stem from)- reasserting rights lost – King Rufus) (radical writer Julie will name) Interesting way of approaching land rights (at Diggers site?) [link with Quakers on their history] .. separate event?

e) If Mayors Ruled the World (Benjamin Barber) session (maybe) – Julie

Eco predominant:

a)-?) Delegate to EEE contact Peter C – get more consolidated – titles, themes, foci? Julie talk Peter Coville

x) Fracking Dave to talk to Jamie KF re Talk Fracking group & Mel, Ben C – Tisha ‘Frack off London’ who approaches?

y) Reclaim the Power. Someone approach Power Shift UK? >> This would be Chris the Plumber and friends.

z) Pete Deane biofuels event/session

Economics predominant:

a) Austerity (& links) inc Owen Jones (D confirm with him) – explaining the causes of the crisis – inequality), indicate radical alternatives.

b) Capitalism – viable part of the mix or not? (Dave to check out Tomorrow’s Company, Fiona Woolf & seek 2 good ‘anti-capitalists’ (suggestions?) (could touch/address Commoning & Marxism if not elsewhere)

c) Tax Evasion, Avoidance, Corporate Capture, Regulatory arbitrage (D to contact Tax Justice Network (John Christensen, Richard Murphy) & hopefully engage their opposition)

d) (? link TTIP here with Regulatory Arbitrage issue or separate? TTIP need contact Vica and Inka, War on Want John Hilary, FoE but maybe predominantly organise ourselves?)

e) Bank (& large financial institutions) Reform (D seek further advice from Rich, + Mark B re Vivianne W?) n.b. NEF, +ve Money, Bitcoin? Andy Tyrie?

f) Debt (D engage JDC & DRUK in event)

g) Housing (D hopefully engage SPARK protagonists from 16 June 14 et. al. – other suggestions/volunteers?) g?/ link

h) with Solutions e.g. Basic Income (Basic Income UK + Natalie Bennett (Green Party Leader) + John McDonnell Labour MP?), Welfare State attacks (Carl to report back – also to approach NEF + Julia Slay re core economy etc.), NHS (Obi to approach contacts e.g. Dr Marie Louise Irvine of Save Lewisham NHS/ NHA Party), Legal Aid? Mel?

i) Tim F event(s) Commoning etc. (wi Frank Tippler?)

J) Omar’s Young People’s Event – Youth Parliament.. John McDonald MP

‘Arts’ predominant :

FLOCK re-wilding – Carl pursues

Tim F event(s).

Julie’s Performance Group.

Natasha’s footage

Obi to forward minutes to & invite Peoples’ Assembly, SELPA, Lewisham People before Profit to next meeting.

Carl to schedule these events into a provisional calendar as far as possible.

Obi Lewisham June 21st contact. Tower Hamlets, Hands off London Transport, RMT.

4/ Planning Group rules for bank account etc.

Management committee elected yearly classic treasurer, Secretary, Chair (management ctte) Theoretically rolling & convenor for call outs (like me).
Could codify this group, convenor – announcements (like secretary & mins.)
Would we be happy? Facilitator chosen every meeting.
Decide by consensus. (Starhawk) say how often want to meet – say monthly, quarterly, AGM, management committee meetings eg. > 4 x a year. J suggests how appoint convenor & treasurer. Lead person bank account? convenor, secret ballot consensus / secret ballot.. leave room for appointees. Treasurer. Appoint auditors.
Normal orgs have members – should we? How? sign a piece of paper saying e.g. would work in the interest of Putney Debates & abide by safer spaces.
All meetings open but only members can decide.
Member length to qualify? Nominal Facilitator? Convenor = secretary, +.
Julie equalities & inclusion?
Eleanna treasurer ? 2 Obi (Dave ring E).
Dave secretary?
Carl memb sec?
Facilitator? (alt. to Chair) rolling?, Roving Ambassador, Youth Ambassador.. or Omar?
Julie equalities & inclusion..
Auditor Obi Ask more auditors.

Julie to bring document to this effect to next meeting (preferably pre-circulate) to be tweaked & formally agreed.

nb. Actual funding discussions need returning to at next meeting

5/ Website developments & links & position on OL Website & elsewhere

Julie Twitter log-in changed 2014. Carl updated/ing website, established Archive page.

John B advised an Occupy London landing page on their links to rest of Putney debates website. High up on front page of OL . Give Word as well. Link in seamlessly. Aim maximise most traffic mutually. Julie approach Inka. Buy domain name c. £8 a year, premium £40 newputneydebates.org (or dot net?) James D. Details to Carl to adopt on current site. Send to Riseup list (What does this mean?)

James designing graphics has had one chase. Julie will again but may need replacement. Obi will enquire re a possible back-up & forward egs. of their work.

Carl enter provisional calendar on website.

6/ Archive & Promo developments

(inc. progress chase/commitment Little Book of Answers)

Julie has sent Pete Deane’s stuff to Carl. Carl will send contents to Dave to see if suitable to request AH press to release.

7/ Next meeting Tue 24 Jun 6.45 Friends’ Euston. (One after that Wed 2nd July 6.45)



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