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Leaders Debate and the failure on the NHS by Aengus Mac Og



Leaders Debate and the failure on the NHS by Aengus Mac Og

It’s so sad to see so many fall into the trap set by this government and their paymaster bankers and tax avoiding business backers regarding the NHS. For today, after the comments of Farage, on social networks we’ve seen the woeful justifications of not treating those immigrants for HIV and no doubt anything else they come in with.

And so we have to go over it all again, the fact that the banking crisis cost tax payers about £1.4 trillion in bail out money, effectively doubled the national debt, that the weekly interest bill is £52bn, the financial crisis impact was effectively to hold us back which in real terms amounted an 11% contraction vs where we would have been. Look it up. Then there was the £375bn handed to bankers via QE which they still have. Farage was a banker, he’s a puppet for the banking industry and a tactical placement for the Right to make them seem ‘reasonable’. NHS problems due to funding come from banker austerity. It dwarfs the Labour health spending the raving right will routinely bring up when the NHS is discussed. And that’s why we’re here and Farage is setting up wars based on nationality, let’s not even talk about the racism.

And so it goes on, apparently immigrants are to blame even though they are the nurses and hospital builders.

As usual it’s wedge issues that are seized upon by acidic politicians to turn everyone against each other. Sooner or later the people will wake up. If the likes of Farage et al want to blame disease they only have to look in the mirror to find the cancer.

All this is is political belief, an easily diagnosable case of doctrine over the doctors.

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