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BarnetHAction Decide to Visit Housing Benefit Bandit Mayor of Barnet



Barnet Activists Decide to Visit Barnet Council Meeting and the Housing Benefit Bandit Mayor of Barnet, Hugh Rayner.

Barnet Housing Action Activists decided to join the Full Council Meeting on Tuesday 14th of April 2015. The Conservative majority held Council were deciding on whether to increase the Council Rents to more than double current rent of £475.00 to £1010.00. They claim that this is justified as it would still be 80% of Market Rate.

The decision has been suspended, but this may just be a diversion during the coming elections.

Shame is a positive comment on the Housing Benefit Bandit Mayor of Barnet.

Another 10minutes haranguing from the audience and the Mayor has to retreat to his chambers.

In a Poll by the local paper 86% of respondents agreed that Barnet Mayor Hugh Rayner should resign.

This week, Barnet’s Mayor Hugh Rayner came under fire for the “unfair” way he has treated tenants living in the properties he owns.

Yesterday, Mayor of London Boris Johnson openly admitted Cllr Rayner’s behaviour has been “prima facie illegal” at the London Assembly’s Question Time.

Cllr Rayner, a Hale councillor, owns 15 properties in the Colindale area with his wife, Susan, and four more under his firm’s name – S&H Housing Limited.

So the Times Series is asking its readers: do you think he should carry on as Mayor?
Should Barnet Mayor Hugh Rayner resign?

This is an article written by local blogger Broken Barnet.

A blurred line, or – a bucket of whitewash? The Mayor faces his peers, and is cleared on all charges

Barnet Council proposes ‘unlawful’ rent rise


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