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Image by Philippa WX

Image by Philippa WX

Barnet Council, Barratt Homes and the Metropolitan Housing Trust are putting on an exhibition showing how wonderful the West Hendon Estate will look when they have completed their community eviction project!

The Our West Hendon campaign highlights how Barnet Council are colluding with Barratt’s and Metropolitan Housing by stealing the council homes of people from under them. These people were promised homes for life, with some having lived in West Hendon for over forty years. Some took advantage of the ‘Right to Buy’, and they are now finding themselves possessing a poisoned chalice. They cannot sell their homes as they have been under a Compulsory Purchase Order for the last twelve years. The offers are under market value and once they accept the money, they will not be able to afford to remain in the area.

Those who remain as council renters are now being forced to move to another building located on a traffic island and they face heavy lorry traffic for another eight years. The Our West Hendon campaign has attempted to give warnings to those who accept the relocation that the building is not owned by Barnet council, but by Metropolitan Housing. Their right to a home for life is under threat, and they may yet find themselves in an even worse situation.

Another point to note is that Barnet council had an 18,000 waiting list for housing. Their solution – abolish the list.

PETITION Homes Before Profit
To: Barnet Council, Mathew Offord and Boris Johnson

Livestreamers on the Day of Action:

Explaining the social cleansing being perpetrated against the West Hendon Estate tenants

Talking to Our West Hendon campaigners:

Homes Before Profit:
Mitzy – Council Tenant of 34 years

18,000 on the waiting list in SEPT 2013 !!!! who knows how many now !!

Woman Power – Is Barnet the most corrupt council in Britain?
Laina – Council Tenant of 42 years. She raised a family in her home, and lost her husband and son in the years she lived in West Hendon

Facebook: Our West Hendon
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OurWestHendon

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