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A Day Out with Fuel Poverty Action and DPAC.


A Day Out with Fuel Poverty Action and DPAC.


#BinBritishGas by Fuel Poverty Action.
Fuel Poverty Action issued a call out for a demonstration, Bin British Gas, outside the British Gas Annual General Meeting on May 12th 2014, which coincided with the action planned by Disabled People Against the Cuts, The Independent Living Fund Fightback. They were going to visit the Department of Work and Pensions offices in Tothill Street. Happily the DWP offices were only a block away from the location of the AGM, The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre.

We started at 1300 hours outside the AGM with a good turn out from various groups, DPAC, Lambeth Pensioners Association, Single Mothers Self Defence, and the anti-fracking campaigns. Pete Deane,BioFuelWatch, informed us of the dangers of BioFuels, which the industry is claiming to be sustainable. We also had people talking about young people suffering from fuel poverty and how rich pensioners are enriching themselves at the expense of the poor pensioners.

Introduction from Andy Green of DPAC (Disabled People Against the Cuts)

Natalie Bennett of the Green Party also made an appearance and gave a few words.

Ruth London sharing information about how people are suffering from Fuel Poverty.

Live video streams of the Bin British Gas Action:


#ILF Fightback - Disabled People Against the Cuts.

Afterwards the demonstration moved a block away, to the DWP offices, at Caxton House, Tothill Street. DPAC paid a visit to Mike Penning MP, Minister Against Disabled People, to deliver a letter asking for the ConDems not to kill disabled people by abolishing the ILF (Independent Living Fund), but to continue it and expand it for other. The Conservative MP of Hemel Hempstead has also been known to have had armed police guards for fear of facing disabled protesters. This time he only had the agency security guards from G4S. The letter was delivered into the hands of one of the security guard who took it up to Mike Penning’s office.

The picket eventually had to ask the workers leaving the building if they knew Mike Penning, because he does not seem to exist. I do wonder whether we should have set up a vigil outside the DWP offices.

What is the Independent Living Fund?
The Independent Living Fund (ILF) is a ring-fenced pot of funding to provide funding to help 18,000 disabled people with high support needs, live an independent life in the community, rather than in residential care.

Closure of ILF: In March 2014 government decided to close the ILF in June 2015 in spite of a court ruling that said their previous decision to close ILF was in breach of the Equality Act. As usual DWP blatantly ignored the court.

Linda Burnip explaining why they are unhappy with the DWP and the politicians.

Shouting to IDS.

Protester explaining that through the ILF, she employs ten people to take care of her. The closure of the ILF will impact those people and the community.

Paula Peters – No ILF, No Life!

Full livestream of the demonstration:

Cumulative Impact of Cuts on Disabled People.

In the evening, it was time for the People’s Parliament at the House of Commons. A meeting with MPs about the cumulative impact of cuts on the disabled people.

Linda Burnip from DPAC (Disabled People Against the Cuts)

Tracey Lazard from Inclusion London

Francesca Martinez @chessmartinez – of WOW Petition



Save the Independent Living Fund

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