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Walthamstow GE2015 Hustings 22/04/2015 : Livestream


A “Question Time” style event featuring Walthamstow’s parliamentary candidates. Panellists will each be given an opportunity to answer questions submitted by members of the audience. All of the candidates standing for the Walthamstow seat have been invited to participate, and each attending candidate will be given an equal opportunity to answer each question.

The event will be free to attend for both panellists and members of the audience.
General Election 2015: Walthamstow
Party Candidates:
Liberal Democrat Steven Dominique Cheung
Labour Stella Creasy
Green Michael Gold
UKIP Paul Hillman
Conservative Molly Samuel-Leport (Not Available)
TUSC Nancy Taaffe
Workers Revolutionary: Jonty Leff
Independent: Ellie Merton

Due to the number of candidates, a Question Time style of questioning was not possible, even with the two hours available. There was about a hundred people in the audience who were very interested to hear what the candidates had to say.

Introducing the Candidates.

1. Austerity Cuts on the Poor.

2. The NHS.

3. Affordable Housing.

4. Education.

5. Mediterranean Disaster and Search and Rescue.

6. Palestinian Solidarity.

7. Closing Summary from the Candidates.

Independent parliamentary candidate Ellie Merton gives five reasons she wants your vote in Walthamstow in the general election

Why Nancy’s standing: “I want to whistleblow on austerity”


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