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9391_156577334516078_1533765344_n Dr Louise Irvine chair’s the Save Lewisham Hospital campaign which has seen a massive mobilisation of local people; 25,000 people marched to prevent the closure of the A & E. The campaign is planning a People’s Commissions of Enquiry, chaired by barrister Michael Mansfield QC , who will hear the evidence that the Trust Special Administrator would not consider. Dr Louise Irvine is amongst the founders of the National Health Action Party and has been campaigning to stop privitisation for many years. The talk will disscuss how our lack of democracy is allowing the goverment to impose privitisation on our public services, how people can collectively resist, and explore what a democratic health service look like.

Introduction from Julie Timbrell, Democracy Cafe

Dr. Marie-Louise Irvine – @drmarielouise
Inner-city London GP. Member of Keep Our NHS Public, chair of Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign

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