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Solidarity with Occupy Veteran Tina Rothery Arrested at PNR


Solidarity with Occupy Veteran Tina Louise Rothery . When a Law is unjust, it is only right to disobey.

This afternoon Green Party life-member and activist Tina Rothery was arrested at the fracking site at Preston New Road. She has been released but will appear in court on 10 October 2017. This is our response, issued by Deputy Leader Amelia Womack…✊❤️

“I offer my full support and total admiration to Tina. She is an inspiration and has proved time and again that to live in a free society we must be constantly challenging the decisions of those in power. She has put herself on the line to stop dirty and destructive fracking and with supporters and her political party behind her that effort will not be in vain.”

~ Amelia Womack

Whose street?
Tina Louise Rothery arrested today and charged with ‘Willfully obstructing a police officer ‘ because she crossed the road.
Seems Bronze Commander thought police looked silly escorting and surrounding the wagons on and off site. So for today he decided to do it differently. Today if any citizen left the pavement they risked arrest.
– FYI Bronze Commander you look even more stupid arresting a women for crossing the road. Inevitably Tina was going to kick off especially as there was no valid legal argument given. We’ve been crossing that road since January. What was he thinking????
#nanashire #WeSaidNo #DONTFRACKLANCS

~ Julie Daniels

Powerful action by Tina Louise Rothery today. She was right to make a stand. We should never let the police define where and how we protest. How stupid did Lancs police look by arresting her for being on the “wrong” side of the road Today’s arrest will never go to trial.

It’s tough having to confront the police when we really need to be challenging Cuadrilla but today’s action will resonate across the Autumn. It’s clear that people have been inspired. We’re not afraid.

~ Al An

TinaLouise Occupiers Perspective 01092017
Arriving at site – before arrest… but made clear the issues that came into play later .

TinaLouise PNR Livestream 01092017

Katrina L. Livestream of Tina’s Arrest.

Sept 1st 2017 Preston New Road (4853) Low Definition meets Bronze command to talk Fracking, Police Brutality and accountability, After the interview it has been arranged for raw footage to be handed to a PLT Mond 4th Sept 2017. Heres hoping with our digits crossed: Here is the interview please enjoy and share and give us any feedback.

High Def Meets Bronze @PNR second interview of the day took place just before the fourth and final arrest today so at this point 3 people had been arrested. Here the Bronze gives High Def an explanation of why people where arrested and what to expect in the future outside the gates @PNR.. or not what to expect, or what to expect, confused?


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