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Am awakening to a new day today


Am awakening to a new day today by Al An

Yesterday was tough. Watching your friends get knocked over by thuggish police and arrested for no reason is hard to process. I felt so powerless yesterday. In July we outmanoeuvred the opposition but yesterday we were outnumbered and unable to respond effectively. I’ve been writing another article but yesterday the words stopped flowing.

We’re approaching this from lots of angles: direct actions continue; friends are editing video footage and others are trying to analyse what we’ve seen of late. If 18 pipes went down and only 17 came back up, does that mean there’s a broken pipe down there stuck in the drill shaft?

There’s an optimism that comes with the realisation that Cuadrilla have had to rip out well casings and pause the drill process, which is supposed to be continuous. They haven’t gone down far yet, maybe to only 100-200m. Could they have damaged the well so much, that a new one would need to respudded? This would be a colossal set back. Dare we hope any further in this direction?

Am awakening to a new day today.


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