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Putney Debates Planning Group 3 June 2014,


Minutes – Putney Debates Planning Group

3 June 2014, Friends Euston


Present: Steve, Obi, Carl, Julie, Dave,       Apologies, Tim, Chris FD, Peter C.

Omar at start & end.


Numbering relates to the erratically numbered Agenda items.

5/ Progress on Action Points – where incomplete AGREED people will report progress to the list by Tue 10 June.

a) Tim will report back progress approaching Frank T re various groups & approach independently. Is creating a Commons event with Vica. Emphasises need for a Fracking & a TTIP event.

b) Dave’s draft guideline contact email was revised and is available for further revision at http://piratepad.net/vv6Wcq2WIg

c) Julie to mention possible play to Ali and Natasha. Obi will approach Dr Urban – author of ‘This May Hurt’

d) Steve provided draft cover for ‘Little Book of Issues’ capable of enhancement when the topics are agreed. AGREED we would like to change it to ‘The Little Book of Solutions’ [see 12/ below]

e) Julie – Twitter account, will just change the Putney 2012 account to 2014. May also use the Occupy Democracy account

f) Dave – recommendations on Crowdfunding – incomplete, has started a provisional account with Sponsume – agreement they are good enough.

g) Obi will livestream the events though assistance welcome. Inka will produce a film of it if we can get funding for her.

h) Carl – will co-ordinate editing of initial promo video, in liaison with Obi who will collate Putney 2012 video & improve archive access & Julie, who will contact Peter C about using his eco Putney 2012 footage. Dave to check acceptability of using Pete Dene’s footage.

i) Dave had only just emailed Ronan, re press links – will report progress to Putney riseup list by 10 June.

j) Julie contact flyer designer – ditto

k) Carl has almost certainly been added successfully as a list manager – will feedback if glitched.

l) Julie – initial para+ re origins Putney Debs – sent to list. Will be utilised in Dave’s redraft of guideline contact email ( b) above).

m) Julie’s callout for potential groups – likewise sent to list.


5/ Locations – NOTE no wheelchair access from Putney station. Otherwise focus on listing from first meeting, unless other good opportunities emerge soon. Julie said we should make a LUSH application & do a cost benefit analysis of the payoff for doing other financial applications.


6/ Groups to contact/alert. See preliminary list circulated. Also proposed Helena Kennedy, FT Alphaville, Paul Mason. Obi will approach People’s Assembly, local Lewisham groups e.g Green Party + HALT (Hands off London Transport). Carl will approach NEF. Obi or Carl (can’t recall) will approach Democracy Action. Some mention about Republicanism 2nd Nov??


7/ Events, new & elaboration. NOTED Peter C is developing some eco-themed event(s). Clive will create one on

  1.  concentrated power and the three fundamental flaws in the economic system, elite control of land, money and labour preferentially,   otherwise
  2. following on from Chris’s suggestion, a debate on representative versus participatory democracy
  3. a debate on media control and bias (least favourite).

Dave & Omar will discuss some youth forum type event which may or may not emerge.  nb. Democracy Working Group action 12th Oct can be linked with this & be put at the start of our events listings.


8/ Social Media: Julie will revive & amend the Putney2012 twitter account & facebook page & add as administrators Carl, Obi & possibly Dave. The website will have a link to the Radio 4 ‘In our time’ discussion of the Putney Debates.


9/ Other outreach. Address after feedback from Ronan


10/ Dave will add Obi as the third Putney2014 riseup list manager


12/ Little Book of Issues/Answers/Solutions – rather a big ask but give it a go. Do a shoutout for authors (That includes you reading this now.) but retain group editing responsibility. Draft section on psychological solutions – Steve; Democracy – Julie; Citizenship, disenfranchisement & space – Carl; 2+ economicy ones – Dave.


13/ Legacy planning – pretty much same wording as 5/h) so far


14/ Next Meeting: next Tuesday 10th June, 6.30, Friends’ Meeting House, Euston, corridor off café, or central quadrangle if warm.




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