Steps of St Paul’s 3pm-5pm. Sunny, mild with no wind.

Numbers present ranged between 65 and 100 at different times throughout the GA.

This assembly marks 2 years since the Occupy London Stock Exchange camp was evicted.

Facilitation – Jamie M and Em; note taker – Lilias; livestreamer – Obi; timekeeper – Ben C; minute transcription – Ben C

1. Introduction to the GA, consensus decision making and OL safer space agreement, by Jamie

2. Updates from OL working groups and allied groups:

Energy, Equity & Environment group:

Weekly meetings, focus on fracking and food, new participants welcome.

Today meeting starts 5.30pm Ye Olde London (straight after GA).

Economics group:

Meeting twice weekly, focus on debt, tax havens/avoidance, Transatlantic Trade and Investment (TTIP).

Strategy group:

Monthly meetings, whole day at Common House in Bethnal Green.

Occupy Faith:

Still going, liaises with St Paul’s about what the church is doing to change the world, did a pilgrimage to Canterbury and soon a film of that will be released.

3. Update from Barton Moss and anti-fracking protection in the north, from Tina Louise.

The cause of all the problems is government control. Fracking is the one thing that links all the other things that are wrong. OL support would be really valuable to people on the front line of anti-fracking.

Large cheers from assembly. link to live stream here: http://bambuser.com/v/4404336


“Occupy London formally supports peaceful anti-fracking campaigns and camps.”

Mic check : Occupy London formally supports peaceful anti-fracking campaigns and camps.

Jamie: do we have any stand asides? No stand asides

Jamie: do we have any blocks? No blocks

Jamie: We have consensus. there are many cheers and wiggly hands from assembly


4. Introduction to new Democracy Action Working Group

live stream is here: http://bambuser.com/v/4404390

Chris FD: Hi it is great to back. My name is Chris Fursdon Davies and I am one of the Fuddy Duddies of Occupy.

Our votes are pretty useless when it comes to Parliamentary Democracy. What we’re fundamentally lacking – and what is at the bottom of all the other injustices – is democracy; what we need is a campaign to get a Vote That Counts; this will resonate widely. Speaks about damage of government policies. All of what Occupy wants comes under good Democracy.

John Sinha: We’d like to build towards an action focused on Parliament, in October. Our Democracy does not represent us. people protest about austerity but people did not vote to have austerity. Once policies are enacted it is difficult to undo them. 180 years ago Chartists launched a movement for democracy. We still don’t have it. We want to get as many people as possible to come together to work on these ideas. Then he give instances of actions like a 24 hour speakathon in Parliament square or a chain around parliament. We want to work with as many other groups as possible.

PROPOSAL is read out and test for warmth.

“Occupy London formally supports the formation of a Democracy Action Working Group”

Quite a lot of wavy hands

Em does mic check on the proposal

Questions raised & answered included:

– How will it be different from the Real Democracy Working Group that already exists?

Chris answer -Because it will be focused on action. unlike RDWG

-Tina L asks how would it function?

Chris FD -It would be decided at the initial meeting of the group. It would be centred on London. Pulling in other groups like students and Save the NHS.

Jamie: any more clarification points please raise hands if you have a point.

-Lilias asks Why not merge the two groups?

John Sinha: I don’t have a problem with groups merging, but what I’m thinking of is a group doing practical stuff around a large event in October, with a very very clear objective and ending. It is a group to get stuff done to organise to get stuff done. Networking with other groups and plan for an event in October. Hopefully a very large event and maybe we need more than one Working Group maybe a group talking about finance, a group talking about publicity, a group talking about proposals for the day. To plan these events takes a lot of people and organisation.

Jamie: The most important thing is that not everyone necessarily needs to contribute to this work, but the ones who want to contribute to this work can. That clarification is based on a specific time frame and a particular action which separates it from the Real Democracy Working Group and what longer term stuff they are doing. If this group was to form is there anyone here who would have so strong an objection that they would block that happening? No one answers. Are there any continuing pressing questions that can’t be addressed by you maybe popping along to that group and contributing to that discussion?

A question from ?: Could we make sure that wherever they meet has disability access?

Answer: Yes

Jamie asks Em: Are we ready to test for consensus – Em says yes.

Jamie: So we are going to check for consensus on this new Democracy Action working Group starting – and if we do get consensus we will send around this paper for people to put their contact details on.

Do we have consensus? Yes.


5. Update from Earthian, occupier & peace pilgrim. live stream at: http://bambuser.com/v/4404406

Earthian: Hello everyone – (cheers from the assembly). I was more than 2 years ago I was part of Shelter Working Group in Occupy London and if any of you want a map of the camp here I am happy to send it to you. But anyway I am here to talk to you about my peace journey which Occupy London has kindly [supported] and I would like to appreciate everyone who had decided to support my Peace Mission in one of your GA and sent a letter supporting my Peace Mission. So the reason I am here is more than a year since I have done my peace journey and to reflect on why I have done it. One of the main reasons I have done this journey was because by chance or whatever you call it I was born on this planet – a place that I was born has been divided between five different countries the major one is today’s Turkey, second one is today’s Iraq, third one is today’s Syria which you all know is in trouble and the fourth one is today’s Iran and the fifth one is the old Armenia. And by birth I was questioning myself why British Empire and British Allies have divided this land which was one nation and the reason I have decided to do this walk is to say to the world we are all human beings and not in regard to what nation and what religion we have got we have to be our brothers and sisters. If we were all citizens of this planet, and the reason that I call myself Earthian is because I am a citizen of this planet, and if anything is going on like in today’s Ukraine, and today’s Syria and today’s Central African Republic, then if we were all feeling like we were brothers and sister then we wouldn’t let things like this happen.

That is why I want to say that is why we should all be citizens of this planet. And that is why I did my peace walk without using money to abolish the monetary system which is corrupt. And that corrupt system is why we opened this Occupy London Camp because of the corrupt bankers. I was doing the walk without using money to advocate using resource based economy and I was trying to do without passport to show that I do not recognise borders between countries. I will appreciate all your help. When I came back when my journey was aborted in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia I came back here and did round the UK peace walk and then round the world’s Embassies here in London. Now I am going to continue round the world so please check my blog. And support me in my walk when I get to borders to open it up. (Cheers from assembly)

6. Em: Lilias has asked to talk for 2 minutes (not on agenda) about Peace.

Does anyone have an objection to that? (no objections) live stream at: http://bambuser.com/v/4404416

Lilias: I personally came to the steps of St Pauls with Earthian on the 23rd October [2012] when he set off on his momentous journey. Very few people from Occupy came here to send him off on his journey. The reason I came here to Occupy is because I want Peace. War is a business run by corporations. This year 2014 reminds me of love. 2014 is going to be the year of love and Peace. I want to see some direct actions. I want to see peace and love written on the walls and on the side of the buses. In the Jubilee they had union jacks on the side of the buses, but I want to see Peace flags all down the side of Oxford Street. And where it says Ministry of Defence I want it to say Ministry of Peace and where it says the War Office I want it to say Peace Office. (cheers from assembly)

7. DISCUSSION: live stream of feedback at: http://bambuser.com/v/4404439

4 groups, 4 topics: TTIP, Alternatives to Austerity, World Issues, Democracy.

Choose a topic, all groups discuss for 10 min, then feedback

Em points to where each group will meet. Four groups form on the steps and discussion starts. Then feedback.

World Issues :

feedback by ??: I am from the International Working Group and we discussed Fracking and US domination of the Market and how to deal with that. We had Climate Change and how we are going to have action before the Paris 2015 Climate Talks we had Action and solidarity with resistance groups. We wanted to revamp the International Working Group and more talking with action from the talking. More talk about Peace and direct action for peace. Finally the media and how we can tell if the media is doing misinformation. (clapping)

Democracy :

feedback: by?? Democracy what do we say about it and how do we change it? (Sound then becomes indistinct on the live stream for a bit) Revolution would not be a good idea. (more indistinct) Everything is linked. (cheers and clapping)


feedback by Inka: I was in the TTIP working group and we spoke about the provision that promises to give corporations sovereignty over national governments and this is of great concern. National Governments will be impotent to make laws to protect their people from corporations damaging the environment. Like NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement. Stop TTIP campaign is something that people should join. Occupy recognises stop TTIP as a group that maybe people should join.

George calls out from assembly: A proposal to see if everyone is in support of stop TTIP?

Jamie: Is anyone against? (Then some confusion; this item is not on the agenda, some people are unsure whether George is saying we’re against TTIP – ie want to stop TTIP – or whether he wants us to formally support the campaign group ‘Stop TTIP’. Some people still not sure what TTIP, or the campaign group Stop TTIP, are about.)

Jamie: My suggestion as facilitator is that because we are on a tight time schedule we don’t have time to do something that everyone might not agree.

Inka: forget the Stop TTIP thing then.

George: says something indistinct from the assembly.

Jamie: I’m seeing a lot of shaking heads from around the room….

Inka: Is Occupy against TTIP?

Jamie takes points:

Saskia: Could I suggest that there was a group that did the agenda for this meeting and if people want to do this to do it as a shout-out at the end?

Jamie: This is only the end of the beginning.

George calls out: Is anyone against? (there is more calling out by Obi and George of something)

Inka: I would like to propose that Occupy supports the campaign against TTIP. And also a point that came up in our meeting was a speculation on whether the trouble in the Ukraine might have something to do with the TTIP. Speculation, but maybe because there is mining in the Ukraine, war in the Ukraine, and you just kind of wonder if it is connected, but we don’t know.

Jamie: Thankyou – and at the end there will be shout-outs about groups but for now let’s keep it to feedback from the breakout groups.

Alternatives to Austerity

feedback by David Dewhurst: We are paying just over 50 billion a year in interest on the debts which we doing to a couple of banks we are losing in estimate between 50 and 100 billion a year in tax evasion and what Cameron calls harsh tax avoidance and if we get that money in we can more than pay the interest and narrow the debt without any of the austerity cuts whatsoever and that is before you address the issue of Corporate Capture which has enabled legally companies large corporation to stop paying tax which they did back in the 1970s. We have to attack the mindset neoliberalism promoted by the billionaires who control the media. Other things we’ve got to do are a basic minimum income. We will not accept the cuts. Support DPAC, save the NHS, support welfare. There is a whole lot of very dodgy financial involvement in all this which is sapping us and extracting us. Part of this will also be the debt audit. Scams that ordinary people are facing that oblige them to borrow money and create this indebted situation. I have got paragraphs of these and I am not sure you want me to read them out now, but simply attacking austerity and there are a load of things we can do. We are going to do more of those things and we have got to attack the stupid exploitation we are facing from the state. And controlled by the corporations.

Lilias calls out: ATOS isn’t working anymore thank god.

David: I could go on but I don’t feel I’ve got any of you anymore. (some laughs)

Jamie: We are going to close that now. I feel pleased. That was very enlivening discussions that have been happening and it shouldn’t be where those conversations end, but we have come together and talked. Some actions might come out of that, or maybe if more conversations need to happen we can keep coming back together keep coming to assemblies like this. Have bigger conversations with more people and get action.

8. PROPOSAL   livestream at: http://bambuser.com/v/4404530

Em reads proposal:

“Michael Gold & Peter Dombi to develop, offline, a new Occupy London website that will address the current website’s underperformance with the public. They will do this by forming a small working group, including a professional website designer (preferably from within Occupy), and report back within 3 months.”

NOTE: This proposal was amended during the course of the assembly to include the following:

“This website development will be a draft only. Occupy London will get to see the progress, and will get a say in this development. The developers will ensure the draft website they develop will be easy to use.”


Technical point from Chris FD: St. Pauls staff wish us to finish soon because of Evensong starting

Em: We will finish by 5 so that we do not interfere with Evensong which starts at 5.

Jamie: Is everyone clear about the proposal or do we need to hear it again? (requests to hear it again from assembly)

Jamie: Ok

Em: Reads proposal again.

“Michael Gold & Peter Dombi to develop, offline, a new Occupy London website that will address the current website’s underperformance with the public. They will do this by forming a small working group, including a professional website designer (preferably from within Occupy), and report back within 3 months.”

Jamie: We are now going to open up the floor for any questions about this proposal. And just to say that some of you will know and some of you don’t- if you don’t you are lucky that there have been issues about the website, and the point now is not to offload about what happened, but about what we do going forward.


Tina Louise: The people doing the work on the website have been a bit insular. And if we get a good working group should be some way for us all to access our input because this is our online market this shows who we are. Particularly the little seeds of Occupy who are way up North. (laughs from assembly) and can’t be here for the Working Groups, but we are still Occupy (cheers from assembly)

Inka: If you put in a lot of work are we going to have to like it or?

Michael Gold: I am about to speak for a few minutes which should answer everyone’s questions. Apologies from Peter Dombi who was on his way here but hasn’t made it. First of all this has been very positive this afternoon and I would hate to be the first person to bring something negative to it. Tina Louise has just said about it that this is the window to the world. Regrettably the world aint interested. The statistics, the analytics are very simple. 75% of the people that go to the website never come back again. 66% of the people that land on the website leave from the same page. They don’t go to a second page. The average time spent on the website is two minutes and they look at two pages. When we take out the Occupiers who have spent longer on there, it means we are not engaging with the public. And to prove this in January a newsletter was sent out and we have 3,600 subscribers, and out of 3,600 the number that opened the newsletter e-mail was 30 less than 1%. Less than 1% opened the Occupy London Newsletter – it is not working. We believe we understand why. I should explain that commercially over the last 15 years I have been involved in website development. I am not a designer, but working in the travel industry if you couldn’t work with a website then you were pensioned off. So we do need a designer – and we are going to build it off line. At a point that it is there we are going to send it round to everybody that is on the mailing list for them to make comments on it. The main point is now that we are asking for agreement to go ahead and produce a model that can be sent round to everybody who can then comment on it. That is a simple thing because we have a problem at the moment, because the website does not engage with the public. It needs a total redesign. This is not to knock all the hard work that has been put in by lots of people over the last two plus years. What it is about is finding a way that we do engage with the public, because if we don’t engage with the public then Democracy, TTIP the rest of it is pointless because nobody is listening to us. We’ve got a great turnout here today – it has been positive, and I would hope we can be positive about the website as well. That said, thank you very much. (clapping and cheering from assembly)

Jamie: Some points there and there:

Tina Louise: A lack of visitors to the website may be partly to do with our lack of cohesiveness and our volume. In our Facebook page and in our Twitter page, if we took out our personalities (indistinct few words) and if we took our Facebook and Twitter and all our Occupiers to support the Website then maybe people will see it because without us no one will see it. So it is not just the website it is us and all our other media.

???? says: will it take 3 months?

M G: It certainly won’t be much less than that. Commercially it could take six months to a year, but I think 3 months is realistic.

Andria: Can I just get a clarification. Is it just a draft that you are going to work on? And then you are going to send it round to all of us that are on these different lists. And ask for comments?

M G: Yes

Andria: Thank you very much.

Inka: Ladies and Gentlemen, redesigning the website is about 5% of the work that goes into a website. Redesigning it is …. it is maintaining it that is where the hard gruel goes in. And groups like us are always into oh let’s just do this and this differently, but what we find very difficult as activists is the gruelling part of the commitment of the everyday putting in of the articles da da da. Also do not be fooled by these statistics which are given in good intention, there is no comparison – what is the normal – what would be another campaign website like. What would people usually do is go to a website read one article and then leave. That does not sound strange to me. I go on websites all the time. If I stay for more than five minutes I consider it a good website. 2 minutes that’s a good website. So redesigning it is maybe not where the energy is. what may be needed is what Tina Louise referred to is the tightening up of the updates like Facebook making the connection a little more streamlined. We get an enormous amount of hits on our Facebook, so streamlining that. And the commitment as Tina Louise says of people in Working Groups such as the EEE putting articles in. You have authorisation to do that. All Working Groups have the authorisation to do that. So this is where I believe the energy should be going. Redesigning it? I don’t think this anywhere near a guarantee that it is going to be a better more (indistinct word) website.

Janie Mac: Our Facebook page has a reach of over 4 million. With contributers all the time on Facebook. Why is that different for the website?

Inka: Because people think they can’t put a post in. Honestly there are like 51 people who have that access, but they don’t use the provision.

Janie Mac: You say that, but I have posted on the Facebook page, but never on the website because nobody has ever shown me

Obi calls out: There are 30 in the Facebook page of Occupy London, in the website ….

Jamie: Obi, please. I am going to interrupt. Because there is a stack of people waiting to contribute. Not have this dialogue back and forth.

???? : Is there a possibility of using some of your celebrity followers people like Radiohead, Russell Brand, I mean just getting them to pull people to your website.

Jamie: There are lots of ideas of making Occupy London more successful online. On the one hand we have design and then we have contributors, we have publicity coming from different kinds of angles,

Tina Louise: The issue is contributors because it is all landing on one or two people and I am myself not contributing but maybe there should be some obligation on all of us Occupiers to be part of all the things. Let’s all commit to at least contributing once a month.

Andria: I just want to say that even though I have tried to upload things to that website in the past, I am a luddite, and perhaps I am not the only luddite in London. I would like to propose that whatever Mike and Peter do if they do do another website, that it is a website for idiots like me. I’m not really an idiot by the way but you know what I mean. Technically I am not a genius and I think that is really really important. The number of times I have written stuff and then I have to send it to poor old Obi because there is no other way to get it up there.

Inka: I propose a lesson sometime next week on how to post something. It really is very simple and I will advertise it on the website and the Facebook sites and I will put a doodle for a time, and we’ll do it in the Mayday rooms – Ok? Because it can’t be easier putting a post up. If Facebook is easy wait till you’ve used WordPress – honestly. Not so easy to put pictures on, but.

???? : Is it possible to have a version written down for those who can’t come to the lesson? and then they can read it. (discussion about who would do that and it would be more work for the already busy website people- then a suggestion from TL to delegate it.)

Jamie: OK we only have a certain amount of time allocated to this proposal, and I know some people are really passionate about this, and it could be a messy issue, but we have under ten minutes to deal with this before we need to move on. As far as I see it and maybe you can give me wavy hands to let me know if I am talking nonsense, after all I am only one person, there is a suggestion that a group of people work offline to develop a new website. But people have identified that is just one aspect, and there are others, like Inka offered her services for how to post on the website, and publicity issues, I don’t think there is necessarily a conflict between this increased participatory approach – please let me know by waving hands – and working on a new design that we will then be able to contribute to any way. (lot of wavy hands)

Inka: Is it a WordPress design?

M G: It is not decided yet (Inka suggests that the work she will be doing teaching about uploading is WordPress and so it would be good if it was WordPress so that work is not wasted)

MG: All websites work on the same principle that you do it offline and then upload it.

Jamie: As I don’t know about website design I don’t know if this WordPress issue is fundamental, but I was starting to see wavy hands that there was not a contradiction between working on a new design, which we can then contribute to, and this broader approach which a lot recognise, to contribute more in a participatory way.

Tina Louise: Final clarity point before I say whether or not I agree, we will get a say and we will see the progress and will it be easy to use.

–Mike Gold nods in agreement.

Jamie: I am trying to describe my sense of what is going on, but if you disagree by all means let me know because I don’t want to guide us to somewhere we are not going.

????: Can I make a suggestion that each person that learns it teaches the next person.

Another ????: It should be about getting more people involved and getting more people aware, so I don’t really think its about the website itself, social networking is massive, surely it would be better to work on Facebook which everyone knows how to use. Thinks like Youtube as well I don’t know if we have a Youtube channel? Surely spending more time on that would be more effective than the website.

Inka: Facebook the posts move very fast and on the website you can go and find out how to join. Currently it is hard. We have been working towards that when someone comes to the website they will know how to join. Facebook doesn’t help that.

Someone else makes a point but cannot hear them.

Jamie: We have not got much more time to work on this. So we are going to try and test for consensus on this proposal. Can I ask for any blocks. [none] Can I ask for any stand asides? [none] So can I see hands for formal consensus on this proposal. [Wavy hands all round]

Jamie: give yourselves a round of applause. [lots of clapping]


9. PROPOSAL livestream at: http://bambuser.com/v/4404584

Em: We have one more proposal. Is Peter Deane here? Ok I am going to read the proposal and then Peter will answer any questions.

“a) Occupy London is prepared to be listed as a supporter of the ‘Breaking the Frame’ event on 2-5 May in Sheffield; organised by Scientists for Global Responsibility, Corporate Watch & Luddites200.

b) Occupy London is also prepared to help publicise the event.”

Em: I am going to read a paragraph about what Breaking the Frame is:

“Together with Scientists for Global Responsibility and Corporate Watch, Luddites200 (www.luddites200.org.uk) is organising a gathering – planned for May – on the politics of technology. The Breaking the Frame Gathering will bring together campaigns on the technology politics of food, energy/climate/ environment, the military, work/economics/austerity, the internet, civil liberties/privacy, health and gender etc, as well as trade unionists, radical scientists, artists and developers of alternative technologies. We are hoping that your organisation will participate and there will be opportunities at the gathering to talk about your work.”


Would Occupy be willing to be listed as a supporter of the event?

Would Occupy be prepared to help publicise the event by letting supporters know about it?

Jamie: So what do you think? It was the luddite one – right? [laughter from assembly and cries of yes] Are there any questions anyone has to clarify?

[request from assembly for Peter Deane to explain a bit more]

Peter Dean: It is actually going to be in Sheffield. In a little village called St. Unstans ?sp where there is a large former stately home which is now used for activist retreats and things of that nature. There are camping facilities and there are rooms of various sizes that visitors can stay in. We would also like to have anyone who is not very financially well off for us to support their transport costs. So we can negotiate cheaper entry fees or subsidise travel costs. It is going to be the weekend of the 2-5 May 2014 There will be music, there will be workshops of many varieties, craft workshops, poetry. A huge range of speakers we had a planning meeting last Saturday which added greatly to the list of people that are supporting the weekend. Bio Fuel watch, Campaign for Climate Change and many others. I think that is a rough idea of what it is unless you have any more questions.

Saskia: Are you just asking us if we support you?

Peter Deane: Yes but more official to see if we can list you as one of our supporters.

George Barda: Will people be paying? And will people from Occupy London be invited? [and more that is indistinct]

Peter Deane: Occupy London Environment Working Group [EEE] has already given support and been asked to contribute speakers to the event. The Working Groups of Occupy London could make a very valuable contribution to the weekend. The full price is 90 quid, Full price for camping is 36 quid. But we would like to talk to anyone who wishes to come but has financial difficulties.

?????: Do the Luddites think that technology is bad?

Peter Deane: No that is not the Luddites position. It is about restoring technology as a people’s tool.

Jamie: So the proposal is in two parts, but I see them as basically one. Any more clarification points?

30. ????: each of the two points don’t necessarily imply the other. And I don’t know who exactly are the organisers.

Peter Deane: We have several dozen organisations. I can give you a list. Corporate Watch and Scientists for Global Responsibility came up with the idea. Other supporters are Frack Off, Reclaim The Power, Biofuel Watch, Campaign against Climate Change, Rising Tide,

Jamie: We only have eight minutes left till we run out of time. Would anyone block: a) Occupy London is prepared to be listed as a supporter of the ‘Breaking the Frame’ event on 2-5 May? and b) Occupy London is also prepared to help publicise the event.[no blocks] Any stand asides? [none] Can I see if we have formal consensus? [lots of wavy hands]

Jamie: And that means that we publicise the event through our channels? [agreement from assembly – various people call out ‘yes’] Excellent we have all done fantastically well.


Jamie: now it is time for Shout Outs. Two minutes each.


Man from Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT): About arms. and how they are sold to other governments to suppress dissidents. Occupy London support was really important to the protests against the Arms Fair – Thankyou.

Chris FD: Has anyone seen Rachael? She wanted to talk to me and secondly great thanks to Jamie and Em. [warm cheers from assembly]

Mark: Has anyone seen a film called Secret City? [lots of ‘no’s] Excellent, well if you haven’t there is an Occupy film night on next Friday 7th March at the Common House in Bethnal Green – a nice space run by lots of activists. There is going to be a screening there of that and lots of discussion about the issues raised. It is about the City of London where we are now.

Man from Syria Peace & Justice Group: We did a vigil today in Trafalgar Square and then a little peace walk here. We have some other events planned. Information evening on 19th March at London Action Resource Centre with a panel of Syrian speakers. And some short films and discussions. All details on our website http://syriapeaceandjustice.wordpress.com/

George: Reminds about a march in Trafalgar Square now.

Janie: I have two shout outs.

Protest about corporate-led and funded celebration of Russia in Trafalgar Square tomorrow afternoon after half past two to say they are not welcome here.

Second is, Payday loans on May 1st – try and do an occupation of Payday loans companies. Give Debt advice to people going in. Will be advertised on OL fb pages etc..

Simon Moore: Me and Maria will sail to Syria in an open top dinghy to protest what’s happening and raise awareness. We need to raise £2,000.

Jamie, a firefighter: My name is Jamie and I am a firefighter from “We Save People Not Banks”; OL and this group could be mutually supportive. We are always asking for public support, but we should also be supporting you. we supported Artist Taxi Driver pushing the pig etc..

David Dewhurst: Jubilee Debt campaign website for details of events.

Homeless man: Homes not jails. On wednesday going to Camden town hall. On 26th March invited by Boris Johnson to talk about rough sleeping.


Jamie: Thank you very much.




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