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#SaveDave – Occupy London Occupier.

I haven’t blogged for a long time. It’s old hat in the days of instagram, isn’t it?
Also, I’ve been busy. Busy being in hospital. My partner has leukaemia, he’s been in hospital for most of the last seven months. I’ve been sleeping in a van in the carpark outside[…]

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Freedom Village and the Tech Giants

by Joe Mobbs
Once upon a time, the community of Freedom Village, creative commoners, free software aficionados and “libristes” all, had an axe to grind. Sick and tired of the greedy Tech Giants locking users in, spying on folk, selling user data, suppressing tech standards, and stifling progress, Freedom Village wanted the Tech Giants,[…]

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Christmas in Lesvos – beauty, tragedy & hope (an occupier’s perspective)

Skala Sykamineas hugs a tiny harbour. Aquamarine water laps the rocky shore and fishermen tend their nets watched by curious cats. Inland, it’s harvest time in the olive groves and orange orchards. Free range sheep lazily graze, waiting to be milked. The village shop sells fresh yogurt in unglazed terracotta pots.
Dolphins frolic around a[…]

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Re-imagine Democracy – Towards a Citizens’ Convention on the Constitution

Jointly called by Assemblies for Democracy and Occupy Democracy at the Runnymede Festival for Democracy on the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta.
Occupy Democracy activists and supporters will be key contributors to this ‘Re-imagining Democracy’ event on Saturday November 14 from 10:45 to 16:30 at Waterloo Action Centre, Baylis Road, SE1 7AA.
More info:[…]

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12 peaceful protesters have charges dropped in first two trials.

Judge rules tarpaulin not a structure designed or adapted for sleeping.

£1,945,279 spent in policing operation between mid-October and mid-February.

Police criticised for labelling Occupy Movement ‘Domestic Extremists.’

Judicial Review against Mayor’s decision to close Parliament Square Gardens in run-up to election continues.



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Occupy Democracy calls for System Change not Regime Change at “Festival of Democracy”

The authorities massively over-reacted to the erection of a single tent in Parliament Square today at 1pm when around 50 police surrounded the tent and then arrested three of the occupants. Observers say that around ten police were involved in the arrest of each person. Police then confiscated the tent.

Occupy Democracy [1] have been[…]

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Parliament Sq to be occupied in “ten day festival of democracy”
Action announces movement’s core demands
Occupation programme highlights published


Photo: Drew McFadyen
Two statues in Parliament Square have been occupied since 3pm this afternoon by protestors in support of Occupy Democracy [1]. The activists are holding signs declaring some of the core demands[…]

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Runnymede Ecovillage faces eviction

Runnymede is the historic birthplace of democracy where the Magna Carta was signed 800 years ago this year. An ecovillage was set up on the site in 2012 by people who walked out from Occupy London to begin practicing ‘people and planet before profit’.
The ecovillage is now under threat of eviction – case[…]

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Reclaim The Power announces Spring Action Camp

SAVE THE DATE: Friday 29th May – Tuesday 2nd June 2015
Reclaim the Power has collectively made a decision to hold our Spring action camp near Didcot Power Station, Oxfordshire from Friday 29th May to Tuesday 2nd June, as part of a global day of action on corporate power ahead of the UN climate talks[…]

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