Occupy Democracy calls for System Change not Regime Change at “Festival of Democracy”


The authorities massively over-reacted to the erection of a single tent in Parliament Square today at 1pm when around 50 police surrounded the tent and then arrested three of the occupants. Observers say that around ten police were involved in the arrest of each person. Police then confiscated the tent.


Occupy Democracy [1] have been holding a “Festival of Democracy” for the last four days in Parliament Square and intend to continue until Sunday 10th May. The programme of events has included the choir from Occupy Wall Street, a football match (prohibited on the Square), a giant game of Anti-Monopoly and many speakers and workshops [2].

Occupy Democracy activist Matt Bonner said:

“The response of the authorities clearly shows they really don’t like effective protests like occupy and they really don’t want a peaceful pro-democracy movement kicking off in this country. Which is ironic seeing as we are in the middle of a general election.”

Today’s programme includes the launch of “F*ck Off Back To Eton” [3] – a single by Robin Grey which Occupy Democracy hopes will be the election number one. Bonner continued:

“A Tory government would obviously be worse than a Labour government. But Labour aren’t really that much different when it comes to austerity, climate change, regulating the banking sector or privatising the NHS. Both parties and our entire democratic system have been totally captured by the corporations so what we are pushing for this general election is system change not just regime change.”

Robbie Gillett of Reclaim The Power [3] who spoke at the festival today said, “The battle for a safe, liveable climate for the future is a battle for people to take back control of our energy systems and democracy out of the hands of big business interests.”




  1. Occupy Democracy is a social movement for democracy free from corporate control that works for people and planet. Our six core demands are here: http://occupydemocracy.org.uk/demands/
  2. See the programme for the festival here: http://occupydemocracy.org.uk/programme-may-1-10/
  3. “F*ck Off Back To Eton” was first performed in front of David Cameron on 13 April when he was campaigning in Northumberland: http://www.theguardian.com/politics/video/2015/apr/13/david-cameron-told-fuck-off-back-to-eton-busker-videoSupporters of Occupy Democracy will join in singing the song in front of the Occupy Democracy banner. More at:https://twitter.com/rgrey
  4. Reclaim the Power are hosting an international weekend of climate action 29thMay – 2nd June:http://www.nodashforgas.org.uk

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