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The “Right to a Trial” has now been made a “Right to a Fair Trial for the Rich”




How ironic on the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, the “right to a trial” has now been made a “right to a fair trial for the rich”….by Donnachadh McCarthy


This has very serious consequences for the right to democratic protest.

It is pretty gut-wrenching that this one of the last acts by this Lib Dem/Tory cabinet of millionaire ministers. Naturally they will always be able to afford taking the risk of court costs if charged with a criminal offence.

I do not expect New Labour to reverse this – the Iraq War party, have been consistently to the right of the coalition on many Home Office issues in this parliament.

I declare a personal interest. I am currently facing 6 charges from my peaceful protests against the corporate hijacking of our democracy on Tarpaulin Square.
I do not believe I am guilty of any of these charges but I now have to weigh the costs of going to court and defending myself against accepting guilt and a small fine.

Whilst I have been able to pay my way, I have been on a low income whilst writing The Prostitute State – How Britain’s Democracy Has Been Bought and taking months off work organising Stop Killing Cyclists and Occupy Rupert Murdoch Week.

I therefore am exactly the sort of person that the Magistrates Association warned would potentially plead guilty, even though I believe I am not.

The pic below is of me carrying our the heinous crime of standing on the pavement outside our Parliament peacefully protesting, with a folded ground sheet under my arm, for which I am currently facing 4 criminal charges.

My third police interview for this is next week.

Most people would accept a £100 fine and a criminal record rather than go to court and risk legal costs, fines + now court costs. I however at this stage do not intend to.

We therefore de facto thanks to the hopefully departing Chris Grayling now officially have one law for the rich and another for all the rest of us.

This has very serious consequences for democracy. I am truly deeply gutted that this has taken place whilst the ilLiberal Democrats were in power and under legislation that they supported.

The only party that over the last 5 years of this parliament which has supported the right to protest and which has opposed consistently the authoritarianism of the LibDems / Tories/ Labour / UKIP has been the Green Party.

Create a nice day friends
Donnachadh x


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