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At last BBC politics show sticks it to pro frackers ?



It is immensely frightening that MPs and government departments spew out information on TV as though it is factual, to thousands of viewers, without first checking the source and checking the credibility of the information. The Sunday Politics Show (South East) presenter Julia George put MP Tim Loughton right.

The LibDem candidate does not support fracking. Labour wants a proper “national debate”.

Of course the UKIP candidate blames the EU, but was corrected by Julia George with the fact that France has banned fracking. Romania and Bulgaria are going towards a ban as well. The German breweries are also against fracking.

(BBC i-player, 50 minutes in, limited availability)

North Carolina law would make discussing fracking chemicals illegal
In North Carolina, the State Gov. has just enacted laws that make it an offence to ask for the info about fracking fluids and it did away with the requirement to provide a complete list of chemicals used in the process. It has become a jailable offence to even assemble to protest.

Myth 8 – Fracking water usage is minimal


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