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Open Letter to the Greater Manchester Police, by Colin Gong.


ColinGongGMPBreach of Bail Charges Dropped, by Colin Gong.

I just heard from Lizars Solicitors that my trial for Thursday has been cancelled … charges dropped.

As anticipated , I have mixed feelings about it – on the one hand it saves us doing a long and expensive journey …. but on the other it saves GMP (Greater Manchester Police), exposing their blatantly unlawful behavior to the Court and the Judge .

On balance , if I had the choice , I would MAKE GMP present their case to the court and would consider the 500 mile round trip well worth it to witness that spectacle. To see their acute embarrassment and the inevitable disbelieving look on the judge’s face etc.etc.

After the initial disruption and unpleasantness of being kidnapped and falsely imprisoned , and then all these months of them having left such absurd charges hanging there, causing the hours and the leg-work having to go into preparing a defense , I felt it was the very least they owed me.
GMP if you are listening , I trust you don’t think the matter ends here.

You may think that as you are entrusted to keep our laws, somehow that grants you a place to act as if you are above them? But as far as I know, no such place has been granted to you.

So you cannot casually take away the liberty of innocent law abiding people and think there is no consequence that you will suffer for doing so.

You have no impunity to our laws , and according my understanding of them, the kidnap and imprisonment of people without any lawful reason is a VERY serious offence.
GMP, in the due course of time you will be answering to the fullest degree for your unlawful actions.

~Colin Gong.

Colin Gong: Arrested for walking on a public footpath for “obstructing the highway”.
Uploaded on 2 Jan 2014
Even though this man was not causing any obstruction, he was arrested and charged with obstructing the highway simply because he wanted to exercise his lawful right to pass on the footpath.

On Tuesday 7th January 2014, Manchester Magistrates removed ALL Bail Conditions imposed upon anti-fracking protectors arrested by Greater Manchester Police FARCE. The following morning, Officer (who refused to provide either Name or Rank) arrested Colin Gong for Breaching his Bail Conditions … despite the fact that they had been lifted the previous day!


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