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Upton Community Protection Camp & Other Updates.

Upton Community Protection Camp.

Upton Community Protection Camp.

Upton Community Protection Camp - Duttons Lane, Upton-by-Chester CH2 2PE

Upton Community Protection Camp, Cheshire is looking AMAZING. The camp is set-up on the only land in the county that fracking company Dart Energy have all required permission(s) to drill.

Camp address: Duttons Lane, Upton-by-Chester CH2 2PE

See the camp’s FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/UptonProtection

Read about Dart’s plans for the region here: http://frack-off.org.uk/dart-frack-attack-multi-well-program-in-midlands/

Dart left Nottinghamshire yesterday, so with Upton locked-up, where will the company show up next? See all current UK licenses, planning applications and permits here: http://frack-off.org.uk/extreme-energy-fullscreen/

New UK fracking licenses confirmed: http://frack-off.org.uk/new-uk-fracking-licenses-confirmed/

Fracking Yorkshire: Rathlin Energy`s Plans Revealed

For anyone wanting to know where the info that the Frackers will probably be moving a drill rig onto the West Newton site in Hull on the 15 or 16 May came from – Frack-free Hull have discovered that the permit to undertake mini-fracking for shale gas was granted to Rathlin on the 1 May. Rathlin will need to give the council 14 days notice before setting up the rig. So Hull believe as there is a ‘no-fracking clause’ on the Crawberry Hill site Rathlin will start at West Newton whilst they get the clause overturned for Crawberry Hill. Frack-free Hull don`t believe the Frackers would waste any time, which is why they think the rig will probably arrive at West Newton on the 15 or 16 May. ~ Alina Winterfell Friedman


Justice for Barton Moss Protectors.

Justice for Barton Moss

Justice for Barton Moss Photo by Alina Winterfell Friedman

Manchester Magistrates Court trials for Protectors arrested at Barton Moss for ‘Obstruction of a Police Constable in the course of their Duty’, Judge Quereshi said, “I find the Crown’s case had fundamental errors and I find it astonishing that the Crown did not bring the correct Officers to Court.”

CASE DISMISSED against Lisa Haywood, Peter Boyarin & Dave Davies.

An outstanding performance by Barrister Richard Brigden & Rachel Andrews of Robert Lizars (Solicitors)

3 more of the protectors – Pete, Lisa and David – had their cases dismissed in court today with charges of obstructing a police officer during one of our many peaceful marches! Decision was made early this morning on the second day of a two day trial after hearing the prosecution the day before. Despite 6 police officers testifying against them not a single defense witness was called due to the case having so little evidence! Justice prevails again for Barton Moss! We are winning! ~ Alina Winterfell Friedman of Barton Moss Community Protection Camp

Finally, this short film, Fracking – Barton Moss. Created with the Barton Moss Protectors.

Upton Community Protection Camp, Chester
Facebook Page: Barton Moss Community Protection Camp


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