People’s Assembly: Tactics, Housing Crisis, Climate Change


Tactics for the anti-austerity movement

A wide variety of tactics including strikes, mass demonstrations, direct action, legal action and online organising have already been put to good use in the anti-austerity movement. In this session, with plenty of input from the floor, we’ll consider the strengths and weaknessess of these different forms of action and brainstorm ideas for how they can be joined up in the future to maximise impact.

Featuring: Andrew Murray (Unite, Stop the War), Rosa Curling (Leigh Day), Danni Paffard (No Dash for Gas, UK Uncut), Anita Halpin (NUJ)
Chairs: Rachel Newton (People’s Charter), Stephen Reid (The Intruders, UK Uncut)

Tackling the housing crisis
Neoliberal policies, the increasing marketisation of housing supply and cuts to housing benefit justified by austerity have created a crisis of unaffordable rents, increasing rent arrears and rising homelessness. How are activists organising to challenge these issues, and how can we build on and develop this activity in the months ahead to achieve secure housing for all?

Featuring: Cllr Liz Wakefield (Brighton and Hove Council, Green Party), Liz Davies (Housing Barrister and Chair of the Haldane Society), Carole Vincent (Waltham Forest Bedroom Tax Campaign), Jacob Wills (DIGS, Hackney private renters group), Eviction Resistance Network, SQUASH
Chair: Pilgrim Tucker (Unite Community)

The climate change threat and one million climate jobs
Despite the government’s rhetoric on climate change, our emissions continue to increase. The speakers will suggest that investment in climate jobs, renewables and associated research is not only essential in itself but offers a way out of the recession too. The discussion will move on to ways to strengthen links between the environmental and the anti-austerity movements, with reference to topics including developing renewable energy sources, tackling fuel poverty and constructing an integrated transport system including fully nationalized railways.

Featuring: Charles Secrett, Chris Baugh (PCS), Manuel Cortes (TSSA), Caroline Lucas (Green Party)
Chair: Romayne Phoenix


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