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Italy added to the Railway Gravy Train



Italy added to the railway gravy train.

First the Germans and the French, now the Italians are joining the privatised Railway gravy train.

Both Jeremy Corbyn of Labour and Caroline Lucas of the Greens, along with 66% voters, including 52% of Conservative voters, want Railways back in public hands.

As pointed out by Jeremy Corbyn, the Tories are supportive of nationalisation so long as it’s other European Countries owning British infrastructure. Unfortunately the foreign Billionaire owned Corporate Media portray Corbyn as the danger to British people?

Even the BBC reporting on the Green Party petition for railways Renationalisation asks whether it is “realistic “.

Any ideas critical of the neoliberal agenda of the City of London and their political lackeys are ridiculed and seen as a danger to the economy the Banksters destroy.

Something is wrong in this scenario.


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