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Happy New Year from Tammy in Barton Moss.


TammyAtBartonMossBarton Moss, Photo by Tim Williams.

The speech I wrote and read out on the radio this evening. ~Tammy Samede.

“Our prime sinister often says Let me be clear……
I say no Cameron let me be clear.

It’s a new year 2014.
What does this mean for us?

As individuals and as communities and as a country and a world?

Well if last year is anything to go by, it looks like things are going to get more difficult in some ways.however it’s not all negative because in many ways I see so many wonderful beautiful things happening

The governments attacks on the poor the disabled and the sick and our beautiful planet horrendous however it is forcing communities to come together

This can only be a good thing

The way we beat them is by working together,strengthening our communities,looking after each other,,living as if there is no government,
Yes I know this is pretty difficult.But as I often say that it seems like the world is suffering from Stockholm syndrome in that we are dependent on our captors. In the way a dog returns to and loves a cruel master. The dog knows it will get it’s food and shelter .our governments have the monopoly on everything we need almost

I don’t have all the answers,or even any answers.

There are so many people out there working so so hard.Yes,we hear about the more famous ones,but I myself know of hundreds of people whose names are never heard of,probably never will be.

So what can you do?when you need to be working,looking after your families,paying your. Bills,battling illness ?

Well if you can get out to organising meetings and get your boots on the streets or get down to places like Barton moss where those anti frack angels are still fighting in the cold.

Or you can share information,educate and encourage people.

You can also even manifest.you can dream,you can hope you can keep believing.

We need you all.

The good MPs, the celebrities that speak out. the ones working quietly in the background. we need the anarchists and the hippies, we need the young and old, we need our global family.we need the artists,singers,dancers, poets and philosophers

We need the light workers, the shamans and our elders

We need people in tents , we need people at home online,we need every single last one of you

Mostly I ask that everyone works together there are so many wars happening all over because of tolerance as well as profit over people.

We need more tolerance,more love,more diversity and equality.
Less anger,less hate,less materialism

To name but a few

Do what you can this year.
Don’t ever think that any action is too small

David Cameron said that this year he hopes Britain will rise

Well for the first time I find myself agreeing with our prime minister beacause I too hope that this year Britain will rise

This year will only be as good or as bad as we collectively make it

My biggest wish is that every single one of you will this year recognise know and use your own power

All that’s left do is to mention a few of the wonderful people working towards a better world for all this year.

-Barton moss community protection camp
– Janie Macfor teaching me so much and doing so much
-Vanessa Vine for your constant hard work
-Kate Nye for forever documenting and capturing our attempts at making a better world with her beautiful photography and also Jeff Pitcher for photographing every protest and helping spread the word
-Silver Fox because you are a true soldier
Jamie spiders because you aren’t afraid to do what ya gotta do for us all
-Dan Cole because you work so hard
– Frances Leader because you guide and encourage and keep us all going
To name but a few ……….

Keep going you are All awesome and I'm reassured to know the future is partly in your hands your existence gives me hope. Happy New Year!

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