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Occupy London G.A. Saturday 5th July 2014. Steps of St. Paul’s.


Facilitator: David
Minutes: Janette
Livestream: Obi

Context: Only about ten people attending. There were several events in London: Palestinian Solidarity outside the Israeli Embassy, NHS Birthday Party in Regent’s Park, E15 Single Mothers demo in Stratford.

1. Finance debate
£1,882 in Co-Op bank account.
Was initially ring fenced as lawyers advice for legal defence
started being used to pay fines i.e. Occupy Trafalgar Square.
No longer need to ring fence for that case so proposal to Remove ring fence.

Consensus reached and agreed to take out and spend on some kind of economic justice related to Occupy.

2. Liz take money out with signatures needed and proposes that she puts it into phoenix account (an arts project).
signatories currently needed is 3

– keep account open – leave £5 in
– change signatories to two persons.

– (use of bitcoin account raised as an option – by Arthur )

consensus reached – one stand aside.

3. £200 requested for group tweet (2 years ) – Occupy London Twitter – group use and therefore keeps occupy London password safe.

consensus reached and agreed.

Leaves £1,682
Liz proposes half and half between democracy action on 17th Oct and the Putney Debates.
George raised potential to review if money gets donated from elsewhere in meantime.

Liz to withdraw money
consensus reached and agreed.

The remaining money to be placed in another account if no agreement was reached on how to dispense the money. In the event it was agreed to:

Allocate £200 to pay for the GroupTweet (this will cover 2 years). and The ring fence having been removed to divide the money between the Democracy Action Working Group for the 17th October Occupy Democracy action and the Putney Debates 2014, leaving up to £5 in the account.
I think it should be noted that I said I will now be formally informing the bank of my resignation as bank contact and the resignation of signatories, plus the consensus to reduce the required number of signatories to 2. I also said that in order to reactivate the account a new finance group needed to form and a new bank contact and signatories need to be found. ~ Liz

DPAC speaker not able to attend.
Shout Outs
July 8th DPAC – vigil at high courts of justice
12 – 2

July 8th Support Arms fair blockader Dan Ashman

July 9th. New Putney Debates Planning Meeting
25th October – 9 Nov
look on line for more info

2 million decide on July 10th Mass Strike:

July 12th National day of Action stopTTIP

21 July Barnet Mind , North Finchley come and harass Barnet mayor (who is a rogue landlord ) for his resignation 12pm The Mind in Barnet AGM will be held on 21 July 2014 at 55 Christchurch Avenue at 12 noon. http://mindinbarnet.org.uk/2014-annual-general-meeting/ UPDATE: just to let people know Barnet action mentioned at saturdays GA about july 21st action around mayor of barnet at mind in finchley is not happening as they have decided not to invite him due to his recent activities 🙂 am doing my best to get hold of their minutes discussing this so can publicise 🙂
Reclaim Power 14 – 20 th August
unspecified site in N. England – meeting to discuss location at Grow Heathrow weekend of 19/20th July .

Also fund raiser concert for Reclaim Power August 8th Russet Bar, Hackney Downs

Occupy Democracy 17th October
George gave update on Occupy Democracy meeting
If want it to be significant then need to be ambitious with it basic idea use it as show casing alternatives/solutions focus is global poverty
lots different groups – discussions ongoing how to split day up
not too much detail now publicly – want consensus today to go ahead and contact different groups . meet Thursday evenings friends house Euston 6pm
Need to be careful who invite /liase with eg NHS England is a government body not grass roots group.

Noted not as many present as usual – not due to lack of interest but prob due to many actions taking place today .


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Occupier at OccupyLSX Camp. Then an Occupy Nomad. The revolution will be Livestreamed.

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