Climate Siren drops a banner for climate justice once again!




In another bold act of civil disobedience three activists from the direct action group Climate Siren dropped a banner from Tower Bridge on Saturday, which read CLIMATE CHANGE: THE NEXT CHALLENGE.  This complemented beautifully the Paralympics logo just underneath.

The Olympics and Paralympics message is one of peace and universal goodwill. Climate Siren’s message was that we must now as a nation pull together and in the spirit of universal goodwill – and force those in power to take decisive action to effectively tackle climate change, which is the biggest threat to global peace.  You can read more in their statement here.

There is of course a tradition of using the Olympics to highlight injustice and inspire others. In 1968 Olympic hero John Carlos raised his fist on the Olympics stage – a potent symbol of Black Power and an incredibly brave act at the time.

It’s never been more pressing to highlight climate emergency – in the last couple of weeks NASA confirmed the Arctic ice has melted to its lowest recorded level, further evidence that anthropocentric climate emissions are destabilising the planet, with devastating consequences for all species.

To get involved with Climate Siren, like them on Facebook, Twitter @ClimateSiren or check out their website:

By Melanie Strickland

Inside the Tower Bridge.

Underneath the Tower. Watching Climate Siren banner drop.

Viewpoint from Southbank.


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